White House Studies Compendium. Volume 10


Anthony J. Eksterowicz (Editor)
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Glenn P. Hastedt (Editor)

Series: White House Studies
BISAC: POL040040

The American presidency has become one of the most powerful offices in the world with the ascendency of American power in the 20th century. ‘White House Studies Compendium’ brings together piercing analyses of the American presidency – dealing with both current issues and historical events. The compendia are the bound issues of ‘White House Studies’ with the addition of a comprehensive subject index. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


President or King? Evaluating the Expansion of Executive Power from Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush

Presidential Ascendancy in Foreign Affairs and the Subversion of the Constitution
(David Gray Adler)

Presidents Operating Under the Law
(Louis Fisher)

Institutional Rivalries in Presidential War Powers Cases: A Political Perspective on the Jurisprudence
(Rebecca Curry)

Reverse Effect: Congressional and Judicial Restraints on Presidential Power
(Nancy Kassop)

Examining the Use of Presidential Power in the George W. Bush Administration
(Meena Bose)

Congressional Abdication and the Cult of the Presidency
(Gene Healy)

To Be (Unitarian) or Not To Be (Unitarian): Presidential Power in the George W. Bush Administration
(Christopher Kelley)

Bureaucratic Control and the Future of Presidential Power
(Andrew Rudalevige)

Harm to the Nation from Excessive Executive Branch Secrecy
(Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr.)

Civic Ignorance and the Rise of the President-King
(Eric Lane)

Presenting Presidents: How American Presidents Are Portrayed and Why It Matters
(Justin S. Vaughn and Lilly J. Goren-Guest Editors)

Presidential Cinema: Which Presidents Make IT to the Silver Screen?
(Joseph E. Uscinski)

From Hero to Anti-Hero: The Transformation of the American Presidency On Stage
(Bruce E. Altschuler)

“Get Off My Plane!”: Presidents and the Movies
(Lane Crothers)

Barack Obama’s Black Presidential Predecessors: The Myth of Pop Culture Predestination
(Justin S. Vaughn)

Bartlett for President: Popular Culture, the Presidency and Political Science
(Lilly Goren)

Remembering David Halberstam and the 20th Century: A Memorial Essay of His Life and Work
(Michael W. Popejoy)

Wilsonian Foreign Policy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – April 15, 2010
(Walter Russell Meade)

The Rooseveltian Tradition: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and George W. Bush
(Thomas Bruscino)

Wilsonian Governance at Home and Abroad: A Comparative Analysis
(Brian J. Cook)

The Wilsonian Chimera: Why Debating Wilson’s Vision Hasn’t Saves American Foreign Relations
(Stephen Wertheim)

A Strange Fate: Quincy Wright and the Trans-War Trajectory of Wilsonian Internationalism
(Trygve Throntveit)

Race and Representation: Japan and the Limits of a Wilsonian Democratic Peace
(Robert G. Kane)

Scientific Racism and Self-Determination: The Case of Austria-Hungary
(Nicole M. Phelps)

President Wilson and the International Origins of the Federal Reserve System-A Reappraisal
(Miklos Sebok)

Woodrow Wilson and Literature on Political Science
(Glenn Hastedt)

What Was Wilson Thinking? A Review of Recent Literature on Wilsonian Foreign Policy
(Trygve Throntveit)


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