What Mum Taught Us: Valuable Lessons and Outstanding Hospitality, Including Precious Mesopotamian Recipes


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Series: Family Issues in the 21st Century
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This book would not have been possible without the existence of that brilliant, vivid, bright, superb, wonderful, luminous, radiant, and very beautiful person whom the authors simply refer to as ‘Mum.’ The Authors’ mother was always  there  for  them  as  they  went  through  the  highs  and  lows  of  their  lives,  always  encouraging  and  helping  them throughout her life, and this help continued even when the authors became adults. She continued to be a source of great help until she answered God’s call and went into her eternal sleep on that Wednesday afternoon in March of 2016.

This book is written by her five children and is an attempt to keep Bathqyomo Marine Khoury-Issa’s memory alive.

The authors’ mother hailed from Mesopotamia, “the land between the two rivers.” Mesopotamia is the place that is referred to as the“Cradle of Western Civilization.” Therefore, it was worthwhile to mention in this book some of the literature that talks about this great civilization that the authors’ parents brought them nearer to by what they taught, told and asked them to read in history books.  The recipes included in this book were taught to the authors by their mother, and thus have a Mesopotamian origin.

This book is dedicated to the authors’ mother, Bathqyomo Marine Khoury-Issa, with her unique characteristics as a spouse, mother and matriarch of the Issa Family. Her care put continues to exist in the food she used to cook (both main dishes and sweets), the care she gave to the garden, the way she faced life and the way she welcomed people into her home and family.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Preface by Authors

Foreword by Guest Writer


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Who is Our Mum and What She Meant to Us and Others

Chapter 3. Valuable Lessons Learnt from our Mum

Chapter 4. Hospitality – an Art Mastered by our Mum

Chapter 5. Our Mum’s Way of Serving Others

Chapter 6. Our Mum’s Miraculous Way of Facing Life with a Smile

Chapter 7. Historical Background of Mesopotamian Food

Chapter 8. Preserving from the Garden – an Art Mastered by Our Mum

Chapter 9. Meals for Diverse Occasions by Our Mum

Chapter 10. Traditional and Contemporary Sweets by Our Mum

Chapter 11. Conclusion


Botanical Names

Bible verses in English and Syriac/Aramaic

About the Authors

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Keywords: Mother, Father, Parents, Family, Mesopotamia, Healthy Food, Fasting Days, Great Lent, Feasts, Church, Holy Bible

· The Syriac Orthodox Community and other denominations coming out from the first Christian Church the Syriac/Aramaic Church
· The Housewives
· The Academics interested in the healthy foods

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