Voting Alternatives, Hotlines and Websites


Editors: Sean M. Thomas and Daniel P. Allton
Series: American Political, Economic, and Security Issues

This book provides details about new and exciting ways of administering elections so that each jurisdiction can chart the future of its own system of election administration with the most information possible. States and localities will need to evaluate their own processes before any change in election administration is advisable. Alternative voting methods discussed are changing the date of the Federal Election Day, instituting a uniform poll closing time, and voter hotlines and websites




Alternative Voting Methods: September 2008;pp. 1-62
(U.S. Election Assistance Commission)

Voter Hotline Study;pp. 63-111
(U.S. Election Assistance Commission)

Voter Information Websites Study;pp. 113-147
(U.S. Election Assistance Commission)


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