Volume 9 Issue 1 (International Public Health Journal)


Editor-in-Chief: Joav Merrick (Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Israel)
ISSN: 1947-4989
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 8.5″ x 11″, Double Column

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Table of Contents

Special issue: Alcohol and the Caribbean

Edited by Cecilia Hegamin-Younger and Joav Merrick


Economic issues with the misuse and abuse of alcohol
Cecilia Hegamin-Younger and Joav Merrick

A sociological perspective of alcohol use in the Caribbean
Elizabeth Japal and Oliver Benoit


The impact of exposure to alcohol advertisements on adolescents: A literature review
Marye Margaret Boggs and Praveen Durgampudi

Alcohol-related road traffic accidents in the English-Speaking Caribbean: A call to action
Tara Francis, Brian Fremaux, Nequella George, Lydia Atkins, and Ezinwanneamaka M Ejiofor


The relationship between alcohol use and social and cultural determinants in Grenadian adolescents
Alisha Francis, Cecilia Hegamin-Younger, and Christine Richards

Alcohol misuse in adulthood following experiences of psychological maltreatment during childhood
Samantha Longman-Mills and Carole Mitchell

Gender and suicidal behaviour among adolescents who use alcohol
Toni Heron, Roger Gibson, Patrice Whitehorne-Smith, and Wendel Abel

The Jamaican Secondary School Survey: Parental influences associated with adolescent alcohol use
Eulalee MA Thompson, Wendel D Abel, Patrice Whitehorn-Smith, Uki Atkinson, Roger Gibson, and Pernell Clark

Smashing babash: An evaluation of unregulated rum in Grenada
Cecilia Hegamin-Younger, Alexander Plochocki, Nakul Chopra, Praveen Durgampudi, Faisal Husain, and Adbul Seckam

Influential factors affecting underage drinking among Caribbean youths
Nikita Cudjoe, Emmanual Keku, Cecilia Hegamin-Younger, and Shelly Rodrigo

How many drinks has your adolescent been offered today?
Cecilia Hegamin-Younger, Rohan Jeremiah, Marye Boggs, Michelle Corpuz, Danielle Torres, Anne Mbari, Antonia Stanislaus, Birtukan Ejigu, and Tessa St Cyr

Alcohol and aviation: An assessment of aeronautical decision making among Caribbean pilots
Satesh Bidaisee and Darren Dookeeram

Assessment of health-compromising behavior prevalence and clustering among Grenadian adolescents: Findings from the 2008 Global School-Based Student Health Survey
Kim Oelhafen, Brian Shayota, and Cecilia Hegamin-Younger

Drug consumption in Suriname: Influence of knowledge of consequences and academic performance
Josephine Gathura and Sherif Abdoelrahmen