Volume 8 Issue 4 (2014)
Polymers Research Journal


Editors-in-Chief: A.K. Haghi and Chin-Hua Chia
ISSN: 1935-2530
Frequency: Quarterly
Print Format: 7″ x 10″, Softcover, Single column

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Table of Contents

Ozonation As a Method of Unsaturated Rubber Modification for Improving Its Adhesion Properties
V. F. Kablov, N. A. Keibal, S. N. Bondarenko, D. A. Provotorova, and G. E. Zaikov

Influence of Hydrophilic Filler on Fire Resistance of Epoxy Composites
V. F. Kablov, A. A. Zhivaev, N. A. Keibal, T. V. Krekaleva, and A. G. Stepanova

The Structural Parameters and Molecular Dynamics of Polyhydroxybutyrate–Chitosan Mixed Compositions under External Influences
S. G. Karpova, A. L. Iordanskii, A. A. Popov, S. M. Lomakin, and N. G. Shilkina

UV-Stability LDPE – Films
A. A. Olkhov and G. E. Zaikov

Transport Properties of Films of Сhitosan – Amikacin
A. S. Shurshina, E. I. Kulish, and S. V. Kolesov

Structural Transformations of Piracetam under Lead Acetate Influence
O. V. Karpukhina, K. Z. Gumargalieva, S. B. Bokieva, and A. N. Inozemtsev

Pathological Changes at Rats in the Conditions of Application of Epinephrine and 1- (Carboxy)-1- (N-Acetylamino) – 2 – (3 ’, 5 ‘-Di-Tert-Butyl-4-‘Hydroxy Phenyl) – Propionate Sodium. Mechanism of Development of a Myocardial Infarction
A. A. Volodkin and G. E. Zaikov

Semiempirical and DFT Modeling of the IR Spectra of Benzoyl Peroxide Derivatives
N. А. Тurovskij, Yu. V. Berestneva, E. V. Raksha, E. N. Pasternak, I. A. Opeida, and G. Е. Zaikov

Modification of Epoxy Resins by Polyisocyanates
N. R. Prokopchuk, E. T. Kruts’ko, and F. V. Morev

Laboratory Evaluation of Nano Clay Composite Effects on Mechanical Properties of Aged Asphalt Mixture
M. Arabani,, A. K. Haghi, and R. Tanzadeh

An Investigation on Effects of PP Fibers and Nano Particles on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Concrete
M. Mehdipour Mirmahaleh, A. Mousavi Shoushtari, and A. K. Haghi

A Novel Approach for Modeling of Methane Adsorption on Zeolite 13X at High-Pressure Process
Farshid Basiri, Alireza Eslami, Maziyar Sharifzadeh, and Mahdi Hasanzadeh

The Effects of Bonding Agents on the Mechanical Properties of Composite Solid Propellants Containing Nitramine
S. A. Vaziri, S. M. Mousavi Motlagh, and M. Hasanzadeh

Influence of Aminoalkoxy- and Glycidoxyalkoxysilanes on Adhesion Characteristics of Ethylene Copolymers
N. E. Temnikova, S. N. Rusanova, S. Yu. Sofina, O. V. Stoyanov, R. M. Garipov, A. E. Chalykh, V. K. Gerasimov, and G. E. Zaikov

Homogeneous Nucleation from Polymer Solutions
John H. Jennings
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