Volume 34 Issue 4 (2018)
Russia, China and Eurasia: Social, Historical and Cultural Issues


ISSN: 1049-7714
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 6″ x 9″, Single Column

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Table of Contents

Special Issue

The Story of Russia
by R. Van Bergen, 1905

The Realm of the Czar
Early Records of Russia
The Norsemen (or Varingians) in Russia
Saint Vladimir and Iaroslaf the Great
A Russian Republic
Troublous Times
The Yellow Peril
Russia under the Mongol Yoke
Lithuania and Moscow
Decline of the Tartar Power. Dmitri Donskoi
Ivan III, the Great
Russia Becomes an Autocracy
Ivan IV, the Terrible
Russia under Ivan the Terrible
Feodor, the Last of Rurik’s Descendants
Michael Feodorovitch or Michael, the Son of Theodore, the First Romanof
Early Years of Peter the Great (Peter Alexievitch)
Peter the Great and His Reign
Peter the Great and His Time
The Successors of Peter the Great
Russia under Catherine II (the Great)
Russia during the Wars of Napoleon
An Eventful Period
Alexander II, the Liberator
Great Events during Alexander’s Reign. Nihilism
Alexander III, the Peasants’ Friend
Russia under the Present Czar. Nicholas II
The Origin and Growth of the Asiatic Empire
Russian Methods. The War with Japan
Russia Loses Her Prestige

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