Volume 34 Issue 2-3 (2018)
Russia, China and Eurasia: Social, Historical and Cultural Issues


ISSN: 1049-7714
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 6″ x 9″, Single Column

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Table of Contents

Special Issue

The Empire of Russia
From the Remotest Periods to the Present Time
by John S.C. Abbott, 1859

Parentage and Birth of Russia. From 600 B.C. to A.D. 910
Growth and Consolidation of Russia. From 910 to 973
Reigns of Vlademer, Yaroslaf, Ysiaslaf and Vsevolod. From 973 to 1092
Years of War and Woe. From 1092 to 1167
Mstislaf and André. From 1167 to 1212
The Grand Princes of Vladimir, and the Invasion of Genghis Khan. From 1212 to 1238
The Sway of the Tartar Princes. From 1238 to 1304
Resurrection of the Russian Monarchy. From 1304 to 1380
Dmitri, Vassali, and the Mogol Tamerlane. From 1380 to 1462
The Illustrious Ivan III. From 1462 to 1480
The Reign of Vassili. From 1480 to 1533
Ivan IV—His Minority. From 1533 to 1546
The Reign of Ivan IV. From 1546 to 1552
The Reign of Ivan IV—Continued. From 1552 to 1557
The Abdication of Ivan IV. From 1557 to 1582
The Storms of Hereditary Succession. From 1582 to 1608
A Change of Dynasty. From 1608 to 1680
The Regency of Sophia. From 1680 to 1697
Peter the Great. From 1697 to 1702
Conquests and Achievements of Peter the Great. From 1702 to 1718
The Trial and Condemnation of Alexis and Death of the Tzar. From 1718 to 1725
The Reigns of Catharine I, Anne, the Infant Ivan, and Elizabeth. From 1725 to 1162
Peter III and His Bride. From 1728 to 1762
The Conspiracy and Accession of Catharine II. From 1762 to 1765
Reign of Catharine II. From 1765 to 1774
Reign of Catharine II. From 1774 to 1781
Termination of the Reign of Catharine II. From 1781 to 1786
The Reign of Paul I. From 1796 to 1801
Assassination of Paul and Accession of Alexander. From 1801 to 1807
Reign of Alexander I. From 1807 to 1825
Nicholas. From 1825 to 1855

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