Volume 34 Issue 1 (2018)
Russia, China and Eurasia: Social, Historical and Cultural Issues


ISSN: 1049-7714
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 6″ x 9″, Single Column

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Table of Contents

Special Issue

A Short History of Russia
by Mary Platt Parmele, 1907

Primitive Conditions and Races
Slavonic Religious and Political Systems
Rurik and His Descendants
Russians Conversion—Greek and Latin Christianity
Principalities—Expansion Northward
German Invasion—Mongol Invasion
Under Mongol Yoke
Russia Becomes Muscovite
Passing of Byzantium—Mongol Yoke Broken
Grand Prince Becomes Tsar
Ivan the Terrible—Acquisition of Siberia
Serfdom Created—The First Romanoff
Nikon’s Attempt—Raskolniks
Peter Studies European Civilization
Charles XII—Narva—St. Petersburg
Russia Knouted into Civilization—Peter Dead
Germinating of Seed—Catherine Empress
Partition of Poland—Death of Catherine
Napoleon in Europe—Attitude of Russia
Napoleon in Russia—Holy Alliance
Russia Orientalized—Eastern Question
1848 in Europe—Crimean War
Liberalism—Emancipation of Serfs
Turco-Russian War—Treaty of Berlin
Alexander II Assassinated—Nihilism
Finland—Hague Tribunal—Political Conditions
Supplement to Short History of Russia
List of Princes

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