Volume 33 Issue 3-4 (2017)
Russia, China and Eurasia: Social, Historical and Cultural Issues


ISSN: 1049-7714
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 6″ x 9″, Single Column

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Table of Contents

Special Issue

The Life of Peter the Great
by John Barrow Esq., 1903

Part 2

See Issue 33#1-2 for Part 1 of this Special Issue.

The Battle of Poltava
The Battle of the Pruth
The Czar’s Naval Victory over the Swedes

• Rejoicings
• A Russian Entertainment
• Death of the Consort of Alexis
• The Czarina Catharine Brings Peter a Son
• Strange Rejoicings
• Progressive Improvements at St. Petersburg
Charles XII. Returns to Sweden
• The Czar Visits Holland, France, and Prussia
The Trial, Condemnation, and Death of the Czarovitz Alexis
The Peace of Neustadt

• Peter Entreated to Accept the Titles of Emperor, Great, and Father of His Country
• Several New Institutions and Manufactories Established
• An Embassy Sent to China
• Assemblies, or Soirées, Instituted
• Peter’s Mode of Living
• Provides for the Succession
Peter Directs His Views towards Persia
• Failure of the Expedition
• Trial and Punishment of Certain Delinquents
• Celebration of the “Little Grandsire,” the First Germ of the Russian Navy
The Coronation of Catharine
• Sickness and Death of Peter the Great
• His Character and Epitaph

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