Volume 33 Issue 1 (2022)
Current Politics and Economics of Europe


ISSN: 1057–2309
Frequency: Quarterly
Size: 6″ x 9″, Single column, softcover

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Table of Contents

China in the UK Foreign Policy: Shifting to Progressive Liberal Capitalism
Vahid Nick Pay and Piotr Buszta

U.S. Military Presence in Poland
Andrew Feickert, Kathleen J. McInnis, and Derek E. Mix

Spain and Its Relations with the United States: In Brief
Derek E. Mix

The United Kingdom: Background, Brexit, and Relations with the United States
Derek E. Mix

Brexit and Outlook for a U.S.-UK Free Trade Agreement
Shayerah I. Akhtar, Rachel F. Fefer, and Andres B. Schwarzenberg