Volume 3 Issue 1 (Journal of Nature Science and Sustainable Technology)




1. Impacts of Antibiotics and Their Fate Into the Natural Environment (Arjun B. Chhetri, Chefi Ketata and M. Rafiqul Islam) pp. 1-20

2. Groundwater Contamination and Challenges in Meeting Increasing Water Demand (Arjun B. Chhetri, Bishnu H. Adhikari and M. Rafiqul Islam) pp. 21-40

3. The Potential of Biogas in the Zero-Waste Mode in the Cold-Climate
Environment (Md. Moniruzzaman Khan and M. Rafiqul Islam) pp. 41-58

4. Persistence and Metabolism of Endosulfan (WDG) in/on Black Gram Under East Indian Agro Climatic Condition (Md. Wasim Aktar, Amit Ghosh Chowdhury, M. Paramasivam, Swarnali Purakait and Dwaipayan Sengupta) pp. 59-70

5. Canadian Bottled Water Export Potential to the United States and the Gulf Countries (Anisur Rahman and Tahir Husain) pp. 71-86

6. Disinfection By-Products in Rural Water Supply Systems in Newfoundland: Experimental Investigation and Laboratory Analysis (Rajya Lakshmi Boyalla, Husain T. and Abedinzadegan Abdi M.)
pp. 87-104