Volume 28 Issue 3
International Journal of Energy, Environment, and Economics


Editor: Riad Benelmir. Co-Editor: Silvia Lasala
ISSN: 1054-853X
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 7″ x 10″, Single Column

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Table of Contents

Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Novel Cooling System, Biomass Boiler-Powered Adsorption Chiller
D. Abbaz, A. Chaker, R. Benelmir, A. Donnot, D. Descieux, and A. Soudani

Energy Utilization, Economic Prosperity and Environmental Quality in West Africa: Is There an Asymmetric Nexus?
Samson Adeniyi Aladejare

The Impact of Income on Energy Demand in the Context of Energy Transition: The Case of Algeria
Kamel Malik Bensafta

System of Geographical Zonality for East-European Sub-Continent in Light of the Symmetry Theory (For Example of the Russian Pain)
Erland G. Kolomyts