Volume 25 Issue 4
International Journal of Energy, Environment, and Economics


Editor: Riad Benelmir. Co-Editor: Silvia Lasala
ISSN: 1054-853X
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 7″ x 10″, Single Column

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Table of Contents

An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of an Industrial System: Case of Industrial Sulfuric Acid
Mami Marwa, Aribi Soumaya, Noureddine Hajjaji, and Mohamed Razak Jeday

Study of the Energetic and the Economic Feasibility of a Heating Agricultural Greenhouse Using Industrial Waste-Heat at Low Temperatures
Ali Fguiri, Hicham Fatnassi, Mohamed-Razak Jeday, and Christophe Marvillet

Exergetic and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Analyses of LPG Production
Haifa Fitouri, Mohamed-Razek Jeday, and Noureddine Hajjaji

Investigating the Impacts of Rainfall and Temperature Anomalies on Thailand’s GDP Growth
Tanawit Sae Sue, Pantana Tor-ngern, and Pornanong Budsaratragoon

Performance Improvement of a Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger Using Rectangular Winglet as Vortex Generator
Sachin Gupta, Arvind Gupta, and Munish Gupta