Volume 20 Issue 3 (2021)
International Journal on Disability and Human Development


Editor-in-Chief: Joav Merrick (Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Israel)
ISSN: 2191-1231
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Binding: Softcover
Print Size: 8.5″ x 11″, Double column

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Table of Contents


The inhumanity of echoing trauma on our youth in the juvenile justice system; clinicians should always ask: What happened to you?
Donald E. Greydanus and Joseph R Hawver


A summary of the literature on economic consequences of hearing loss: A call for action
Mohammad Nure Alam

Does the auditory localization ability improve with the use of cochlear implant?
Hilmi Hassan, Wan NW Mohamad, Mahamad A Awang, Noor AA Wahab, and Mohd N Zakaria

Managing patients with tinnitus: The need of having a specific tinnitus counselling module
Fatimah Sazari and Wan S Ishak


Occupational stress and associated factors among primary school teachers in Mehsana, Gujarat
Yash Gajjar, Anish Kumar Sinha, and Apurvakumar Pandya

Quantile regression analysis of non-modifiable predictors of stroke in South Africa
Lyness Matizirofa and Delson Chikobvu

Anthropometric characteristics, grip strength and physical activity levels of children with physical disabilities: A case study
Micaela Dorfling, Rowena Naidoo, and Verusia Chetty

Psychological impact of COVID-19 in the general population of India: A cross-sectional study during lockdown 3.0
Priya Kotwani, Vaibhav Patwardhan, and Apurvakumar Pandya

Clinical characteristics of Malaysian patients with tinnitus in a tertiary hospital
Wan NW Mohamad, Hui X Low, Nik AN Othman, and Mohd N Zakaria

Tinnitus profiles among noise-exposed Malaysian hospital employees
Wan NW Mohamad, Angelina Wong, Cheu L Aw, Nik AN Othman, Rosdan Salim, and Mohd N Zakaria

Neighborhood built environments, social cohesion and the ability to go shopping independently for community-dwelling older adults in Japan
Gohei Kato, Tomoyuki Arai, Yasuhiro Morita, and Hiroaki Fujita

Independence in activities of daily living and quality of life of community-dwelling persons with paraplegia in Indonesia
The Maria Meiwati Widagdo, Marsella Martha Robot, and Rizaldy Pinzon

Play application in the educational process of students with learning difficulties: Educators’ perspectives in Greece
Fotini Economidou Kranou, Fani Paraschou, and Despina Kranou Economidou