Volume 2 Issue 2-3 (2007)
Chaos and Complexity Letters


Editors-in-Chief: Franco F. Orsucci and Nicoletta Sala
ISSN: 1556-3995
Journal Frequency: 3 issues per year
Print Format: 7″ x 10″, Softcover, Single column

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Table of Contents


Guest Editors: C. Allefeld, P. Beim Graben and J. Kurths

C. Allefeld, P. beim Graben and J. Kurths

Stability Conditions in Contextual Emergence
H. Atmanspacher and R.C. Bishop

Contextual Emergence of Mental States from Neurodynamics
H. Atmanspacher and P. beim Graben

Phase Coupling Supports Associative Visual Processing: Physiology and Related Model
R. Eckhorn, A. Gail, A. Bruns, A. Gabriel, B. Al-Shaikhli and M. Saam

Processing of Positive versus Negative Emotional Words is Incorporated n Anterior versus Posterior Brain Areas: An ERP Microstate LORETA Study
L.R.R. Gianotti, P.L. Faber, R.D. Pascual-Marqui, K. Kochi and D. Lehmann

“Cognitive Genes” Reveal Higher Codon Complexity than “Somatic Genes”
C.S. Herrmann and W.S. Herrmann

Mutual Phase Synchronization in Single Trial Dat
A. Hutt and M.H.J. Munk

Ordinal Analysis of EEG Time Series
K. Keller, H. Lauffer and M. Sinn

Robustifying EEG Data Analysis by Removing Outliers
M. Krauledat, G. Dornhege, B. Blankertz and K.-R. Müller

Is Brain Activity Fractal?
M. Le Van Quyen, M. Chavez, C. Adam and J. Martinerie

The Timing of Neural Processes in Humans: Beyond the Evoked Potential
N. Mainy, J. Jung, G. Commiterri, A. Berthoz, M. Baciu, L. Minotti, D. Hoffmann, P. Kahane, O. Bertrand and J.-P. Lachaux

Quantification of Order Patterns Recurrence Plots of Event Related Potentials
N. Marwan, A. Groth, and J. Kurths

Neuronal Synchronization: From Dynamic Feature Binding to Object Representations
A. Maye and M. Werning

Testing for Coupling Asymmetry Using Surrogate Data
M. Paluš, B. Mussiza and A. Stefanovska

What Can We Learn from Single-Trial Event-Related Potentials?
R. Quian Quiroga, M. Atienza, J.L. Cantero and M.L.A. Jongsma

The Internal Structure of the N400: Frequency Characteristics of a Language Related ERP Component
D. Roehm, I. Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and M. Schlesewsky

Measuring the Thalamocortical Loop in Patients with Neurogenic Pain
J. Sarnthein and D. Jeanmonod

Assessment of Connectivity Patterns from Multivariate Time Series by Partial Directed Coherence
S. Wehling, C. Simion, S. Shimojo and J. Bhattacharya

The Cortical Implementation of Complex Attribute and Substance Concepts: Synchrony, Frames, and Hierarchical Binding
M. Werning and A. Maye


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