Volume 19 Issue 2 (2020)
International Journal on Disability and Human Development


Editor-in-Chief: Joav Merrick (Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Israel)
ISSN: 2191-1231
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Binding: Softcover
Print Size: 8.5″ x 11″, Double column

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Table of Contents

Article 1 – COVID-19 test: An opinion (pp. 113-115)
Authors / Editors: Søren Ventegodt

Article 2 – Are tinnitus psychoacoustic procedures still relevant when assessing patients with tinnitus? (pp. 119-121)
Authors / Editors: Mohd N Zakaria

Article 3 – Tinnitus and cognition: A review exploring factors influencing the relationship (pp. 123-127)
Authors / Editors: Jun H Koh, Muzaimi Mustapha, Zuraida Zainun,, Wan NW Mohamad, and Mohd N Zakaria

Article 4 – Being a parent with visual impairment: A systematic review (pp. 129-137)
Authors / Editors: Elif Erbay and Nursan Cinar

Article 5 – Health, illness and disability and Margaret Mead (pp. 139-145)
Authors / Editors: Tagrid Morad

Article 6 – Language skills and effects of stimulation with physical exercises on selected coordination abilities (pedagogical experiment) (pp. 149-158)
Authors / Editors: Anna Zwierzchowska, Katarzyna Ita Bieńkowska, and Edyta Tomińska-Conte

Article 7 – Tinnitus management by mental health professionals in Malaysia: A preliminary survey study (pp. 159-165)
Authors / Editors: Mohd N Zakaria, Nor EC Deraman, Nik AN Othman, Suzaily Wahab, Wan SW Husain, Noor AA Wahab, and Wan NW Mohamad

Article 8 – Validity and reliability of a simplified version of Malay tinnitus questionnaire (pp. 167-172)
Authors / Editors: Wan NW Mohamad, Nur A Johaniz, and Mohd N Zakaria

Article 9 – Modelling predictors of stroke disease in South Africa: Bayesian binary quantile regression approach (pp. 173-185)
Authors / Editors: Lyness Matizirofa

Article 10 – Predictors for complications post total knee replacement surgeries (pp. 187-194)
Authors / Editors: Mariam Ahmad Alameri, Syed Azhar bin Syed Sulaiman, Abdullah Moh’d Talaat Ashour, Hashem Esam al Hawamdeh, Ma’ad Faisal Al-Saati, and Marwan Mostafa El-Shal

Article 11 – The effect of masking on tinnitus: Residual inhibition outcomes by different types of tinnitus maskers (pp. 195-200)
Authors / Editors: Wan NW Mohamad, Sufial A Rahim, Mahamad A Awang, Maziah Romli, Cheu L Aw, Noraidah Ismail, and Mohd N Zakaria

Article 12 – Pathological demand avoidance in an adult with autism spectrum disorder and sex offending (pp. 203-208)
Authors / Editors: Lino Faccini

Article 13 – Is the non-invasive treatment useful in treating a case of distressing tinnitus due to vascular loops? (pp. 209-213)
Authors / Editors: Mohd N Zakaria

Article 14 – The effectiveness of sound therapy in treating patients with mild and severe tinnitus (pp. 215-219)
Authors / Editors: Mohd N Zakaria

Article 15 – Should we provide sound therapy to a patient with tinnitus but with absent residual inhibition? (pp. 221-224)
Authors / Editors: Mohd N Zakaria, Wan NW Mohamad, Nik AN Othman, Wan SW Husain, and Noor AA Wahab