Volume 17 Issue 2 (2018)
International Journal on Disability and Human Development


Editor-in-Chief: Joav Merrick (Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Israel)
ISSN: 2191-1231
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Binding: Softcover
Print Size: 8.5″ x 11″, Double column

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Table of Contents

Article 1 – Editorial – ugs and some more (pp. 171-172)
Authors / Editors: Donald E Greydanus and Joav Merrick
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Article 2 – A glimpse in to the role of ICD and DSM in psychiatry: The pros and cons (pp. 175-183)
Authors / Editors: Geetha Bharathi and Balachandar Vellingiri

Article 3 – Effectiveness of phonological remediation programs in children with a risk of developmental dyslexia: A systematic review (pp. 185-197)
Authors / Editors: Angélica GC Rosal, Waldemar B Neto, Ana CF da Silva, and Bianca AM de Queiroga

Article 4 – Ability of adults with autism spectrum disorder to identify emotions using visual and musical stimuli (pp. 201-210)
Authors / Editors: Kaitlyn P Wilson and Janet Preis

Article 5 – Shifting sands? Assessing the social inclusion of persons with disabilities in Algiers (pp. 211-220)
Authors / Editors: Paula C Pinto, Teresa J Pinto, and Albino Cunha

Article 6 – Prevalence rate of intellectual disability among children in Barwani, India (pp. 221-229)
Authors / Editors: Ram Lakhan and Anthony Mawson

Article 7 – Predictors of short-term hip fracture rehabilitation outcomes in a tertiary hospital (pp. 231-241)
Authors / Editors: Tan Y Leng, Saw H Mar, Lim Su-Fee, Lee C Lynn, and Ng Y Sien

Article 8 – Implementation of a national policy for persons with disabilities in Chandigarh, India (pp. 243-261)
Authors / Editors: Aditi Gupta, Amarjeet Singh, and Ravneet Kaur

Article 9 – The experiences of caring for children with intellectual disabilities: Perspectives from caregivers selected from special schools in Ashanti Region of Ghana (pp. 263-269)
Authors / Editors: Mprah Wisdom Kwadwo, Acheampong Enoch, and Bediako Joseph

Article 10 – Analysis of communication strategies used by hearing-impaired individuals (pp. 271-278)
Authors / Editors: Naresh Hande, Archana Gundmi, Krishna Yerrguntala, and Bellur Rajashekhar

Article 11 – The quality of life of normal-achieving and low-achieving participants: Is it associated with IQ and metacognition? (pp. 279-293)
Authors / Editors: Yasser A Al-Hilawani

Article 12 – Learning, motor and mental health profiles in pupils with borderline intellectual functioning and average intellectual functioning (pp. 295-304)
Authors / Editors: Marianna Alesi and Gaetano Rappo

Article 13 – Community-based rehabilitation in Nepal: A case study of Rural Women’s Network (RUWON) Nepal (pp. 307-310)
Authors / Editors: Pavithra Rajan-Kesav