Volume 15 Issue 1
International Journal of Ethics


ISSN: 1535-4776
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Binding: Softcover
Print Size: 7″ x 10″, Single column

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Table of Contents


Part I: The Accepted Content of Morals

Is There an Accepted Content?

The Codes of Communities

The Codes of the Moralists

Part II: Ethics as Science

The Awakening to Reflection

Ethical Method

The Materials of Ethics

The Aim of Ethics as Science

Part III: Man and His Environment

Man’s Nature

Man’s Material Environment

Man’s Social Environment

Part IV: The Realm of Ends

Impulse, Desire, and Will

The Permanent Will

The Object in Desire and Will

Intention and Motive

Feeling as Motive

Rationality and Will