Volume 10 Issue 1 (2018)
International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health


Editor-in-Chief: Joav Merrick (Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Israel)
ISSN: 1939-5930
Journal Frequency: Quarterly
Print Size: 8.5″ x 11″, Double Column

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Table of Contents

Article 0 – Editorial – Peer victimization in adults born at extremely low birth weight (pp. 3-4)
Authors / Editors: Joav Merrick
***Open Access Article. Free Download Available***

Article 1 – Intervention for post-traumatic stress disorder in children after disaster: A literature review (pp. 7-15)
Authors / Editors: Hiromi Tsujii, Yoshiyuki Tachibana, Makiko Okuyama, and Takashi Igarashi

Article 2 – Global Youth Leadership Institute: A platform to nurture leadership in university students (pp. 17-23)
Authors / Editors: Daniel TL Shek, Angie WK Yuen-Tsang, and Eddie CW Ng

Article 3 – Leadership training for university students in Hong Kong: A critical review (pp. 25-40)
Authors / Editors: Daniel TL Shek and Eddie CW Ng

Article 4 – Initial development and face validation of the Moorong Self-Efficacy Scale for adolescents (pp. 43-47)
Authors / Editors: Amy R de Paula, Emma L Friesen, Isabel Chapman, Vivian Lau, Narelle Pryor, Nicole Rae, Stephanie Tuck, Lindel Wilkenson, and Deb Woodforde

Article 5 – A mixed methods evaluation of the Youth Focused Social Network Initiative for safe abortion in Rupandehi, Nepal (pp. 49-58)
Authors / Editors: Ram Chandra Khanal, Jamie Menzel, Swadesh Gurung, Lea Jones, and Kathryn Andersen
***Open Access Article. Free Download Available***

Article 6 – Association between school performance and body mass index (pp. 59-62)
Authors / Editors: Megan Rajagopal, Alissa Briggs, and Hatim Omar

Article 7 – The impact of an intensive service leadership course in mainland China: Objective outcome evaluation (pp. 63-71)
Authors / Editors: Daniel TL Shek, Li Lin, Hildie Leung, and Xiaoqin Zhu

Article 8 – Qualitative evaluation of a new general education program at a university in Hong Kong: Teachers’ experiences (pp. 73-89)
Authors / Editors: Daniel TL Shek, Lu Yu, and Wen Yu Chai

Article 9 – Evaluation of a general education program in Hong Kong based on student feedback questionnaires (pp. 91-98)
Authors / Editors: Daniel TL Shek, Lu Yu, and Xiao Ping Pu

Article 10 – Exercise, salivary cortisol, and perceived stress in American adolescents (pp. 99-105)
Authors / Editors: Shobhit Sharma and Natalie A Ceballos