Victim Victorious: From Fire to Phoenix


Marie-Claire Patron – Bond University, Robina, Australia
Stephen S. Holden – Bond University, Robina, Australia

Series: The World of Psychology: Therapeutic, Relational, Teaching
BISAC: PSY000000

The world is peopled by victims; everyone has a story. However, victimhood is just the beginning of the story. This book is about the endings of at least some of those stories, the stories of victims who strive to overcome and even triumph in the end.

This book is a collection of research perspectives and personal stories exploring the various pathways for overcoming victimhood. It is hoped that they might offer an inspiration for others and encourage others to stay on the path to find a positive ending.

Victim Victorious is an examination of the ways in which victims come to rise above the challenges that they face. Victims may be innocent bystanders, and in no way responsible for their victimhood. Nonetheless, they can – and indeed we argue need to – take responsibility for finding a personal solution. To assist in this task, this book chronicles the pathway of prejudice and how the pain and the damage experienced by individual victims may be overcome by effort, by and on their own behalf.

The first half of the book features outsider views of victimhood. A range of professionals, philosophers, psychologists, criminologists and critical theorists offer their thoughts on how people might overcome victimhood. The second half of the book features insider views of victimhood; in this section, the victims speak for themselves about their experience and how they have endeavored to break through their victimhood. This book is less about identifying and proscribing the behaviors of perpetrators and more about the efforts that victims can undertake to heal themselves as they journey towards resilience and victory. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Stephen S. Holden, Marie-Claire Patron and Ami Rokach

Chapter 1. Overcoming Victimhood: Stoicism, Anti-Stoicism and Le Fils
Damian Cox (Bond University)

Chapter 2. Stopping the Stalker: Victim Responses to Stalking
Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj (Bond University)

Chapter 3. Finding a Happier Ending: The Role of Narrative in Post Traumatic Meaning-Making
Donna F. Henson (Bond University)

Chapter 4. Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome – From Torment to Triumph
Ami Rokach (York University, Canada & The Center for Academic Studies, Israel)

Chapter 5. The Resilience Doughnut: Combining Strengths to Survive
Lyn Worsley (The Resilience Center)

Chapter 6. Blessing in Disguise
Kaylene Delaney (Freelance Community & Personal Development Consultant)

Chapter 7. Confessions of a Putative Child Molester
Stephen S. Holden (Bond University)

Chapter 8. Sticks and Stones: Only Skin Deep after All!
Marie-Claire Patron (Bond University)

Chapter 9. Build a Bridge and Get over It: Attitudes, Platitudes and Gratitude
Patricia Wilde

About the Editors


The book is intended for a general audience, intelligent, thoughtful. It might be particularly interesting for professionals such as care-providers, health-professionals, counselors, educators, etc.

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