Untold Until Now: WWII Stories, Daddy and Other Heroes


Karen Brantley – University of Louisiana, Monroe, USA

Series: American History, Culture and Literature

A generation of men who fought for our freedom looks back at their lives, some with melancholy, some with unforgotten energy, and others with reluctance. World War II means something different to each man who served, yet a common and tightly woven thread binds their attitude and sense of patriotism.

As these heroes who served on many different levels face an inevitable end, it seems a shame to let their memories of World War II die with them, unchronicled and forgotten. Not only do the men interviewed have their personal remembrances to share about that war, but their philosophies about life give insight to their character and the experiences that shaped their lives.

In my quest to document my father’s stories of World War II, and also those of others, I took a seemingly endless ride on an emotional roller coaster. With each dear man, I found myself listening and responding much as I did when my own father– thoughtful, loving, brave and successful. Memories of conversations with my own father flooded back time after time as I sought the company and stories of these courageous and endearing veterans of World War II. I left each interview with my heart full of pride and respect for such men as these.

The main consideration is this: When someone speaks to you, listen. Listen with your heart and soul. And memorize not only their words, but their facial expressions and the feelings conveyed in their eyes. Then forever you are bound to one another, and to another time gone by.


Table of Contents

Preface pp. i-xx

Chapter 1. Oscar Kenneth Brantley, pp. 1-10

Chapter 2. Warren S. Bloch, pp. 11-17

Chapter 3. Hilburn Oliver Borland, pp. 19-27

Chapter 4. Robert Edwin Boulware, pp. 29-42

Chapter 5.  Louis Burrell, Jr., pp. 43-49

Chapter 6 . Philip T. Cascio, pp. 51-60

Chapter 7 . Raoul Jacques De Lier, pp. 61-68

Chapter 8 . Earnest C. Freeman, pp. 69-75

Chapter 9. William Warren Gooch, pp. 77-83

Chapter 10. Fred Henry Gordon, Sr., pp. 85-91

Chapter 11. Roy B. Greenlee, pp. 93-100

Chapter 12. W. Bryan Haley, pp. 101-108

Chapter 13. William Pleasant Holland, pp. 109-114

Chapter 14. Robert Orbach, pp. 115-128

Chapter 15. Merle Francis Peterson, pp. 129-134

Chapter 16. Otto Rahill, pp. 135-143

Chapter 17. Glenn H. Rojohn, pp. 145-150

Chapter 18. Leonard E. Rojohn, pp. 151-157

Chapter 19. Billie Joshua Seamans, pp. 159-167

Chapter 20. Robert Maier Smith, pp. 169-178

Chapter 21. Lal Duncan Threlkeld, pp. 179-189

Chapter 22. Jack M. Williams, pp. 191-200

Chapter 23. Cleo M. Willoughby, pp. 201-209

Chapter 24. Dorris Wells Wilson, pp. 211-217

Chapter 25. Haskell Wolff, pp. 219-222


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