Understanding Risk: Contributions from the Journal of Risk and Governance


Matthias Beck, PhD (Editor)
University of York, York, United Kingdom

Series: Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives
BISAC: POL033000

During recent years, news headlines have been rife with criticisms of the risk management practices of public and private sector entities. These criticisms have often been accompanied by calls for greater transparency in the way government entities manage risks and communicate dangers to the public. Similarly, in the private sector, the internationalization of economic activity has heightened concerns over the potential adverse implications of mismanagement and financial scandals, and has led to calls for greater regulation and supervision. While the responses of public sector agencies and private sector actors to these challenges have differed, they share a common acknowledgement that effective governance relies on the pro-active identification, assessment, and management of risks as well as appropriate regulatory frameworks.

This edited book covers a number of divergent topics illustrating the emergence of several novel themes in the area of economic and social risk. As a commonality, these novel themes relate to the growing complexity in which human activity in this late stage of capitalist development is embedded. This risk-generating complexity, in turn, can be observed at several levels, including workplace hazards, governance problems within the private sector or within the intersection of private and public, and in relation to the economic risks faced by larger entities such as individual countries. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Signalling Characteristics and Information Content of Directors’ Dealings on the London Stock Exchange
(Moh’d Ajlouni and J. Steven Toms)

Asymmetric Response: Explaining Corporate Social Disclosure by Multi-National Firms in Environmentally Sensitive Industries
(J. Steven Toms and John Hasseldine)

Cultural Theory of Risk and the Credit Crisis
(Philip M. Linsley and Alexander P. Linsley)

Regulations, Risk and Rent Seeking Behaviour
(Ole Jakob Bergfjord and Urs Steiner Brandt)

Corporate Governance Disclosure and its Effects on Performance and Profitability
(Tristan Nguyen and Natalie Djodat)

Implementing Risk Management: A Study of Major Malaysian Corporations
(Ahmad Shukri Yazid, Mohd Rasid Hussin and Matthias Beck)


Foreign Direct Investment and Country Risk: Is there Evidence of ‘Malign’ Investment in Former Soviet States?
(Matthias Beck and Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr)

Oil and Dependency: The Case of Kazakhstan
(Aigerim Amirzhanova and Matthias Beck)

Multinational Enterprises and Bargaining Power: Some Critical Reflections
(Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr)


Risks in Private Finance Initiative Projects: A Public Sector Perspective
(Darinka Asenova and Matthias Beck)

Does the UK Local Finance Improvement Trust (LIFT) Initiative Improve Risk Management in Public-Private Procurement?
(Deborah Fitzsimmons, Sally Brown and Matthias Beck)

UK Public-Private Partnerships and the Credit Crunch: A Case of Risk Contagion?
(Stephen Bailey, Darinka Asenova and Matthias Beck)


Risk and Health Policy: The Case of the UK National Health Service
(Ian Greener)

Arsenic and Old Wool: An Early Example of the Precautionary Principle in the Risk Management Cycle or a Sheep in a Toxic Wolf’s Clothing?
(Andrew Watterson)

A Worker-Driven and Community-Based Investigation of the Health of One Group of Workers Exposed to Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)
(Joanne Carlin, John Knight, Simon Pickvance and Andrew Watterson)

Violence towards Mental Health Nurses in England and the Nature of the Policy Response: A Frame Analysis
(Brodie Paterson)

Fire and Risk: The Controversy Over the Role of Fire-Retardants in the World Trade Center Disaster
(Geoffrey Tweedale)

Some are More Equal than Others: On How Health Workers Cope with Ideas that Seem Impossible to Practice
(Roar Stokken)


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