U.S. Nuclear Weapons Force: Reduction and Modernization


Leslie Bradfield (Editor)

Series: Defense, Security and Strategies

The United States is concurrently pursuing the goals of reducing the size of its nuclear weapons force – strategic and non-strategic, deployed and non-deployed – and of modernizing the weapons it continues to possess. Many of the existing systems were deployed 30 to 50 years ago, and the modernization process can be expected to extend over the next decade or more. This book examines the motivations for reductions and modernization; reviews a number of historical systems; discusses the current path forward for the United States nuclear force; provides background, developments, and issues of the United States strategic nuclear forces; and discusses a nuclear posture review report. (Imprint: Nova)



Table of Contents


Reductions without Regret: Avoiding Box Canyons, Roach Motels, and Wrong Turn
(John A. Swegle, Douglas J.Tincher)

U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues
(Amy E. Woolf)

Nuclear Posture Review Report
(U.S. Department of Defense)


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