Typical Imaging in Atypical Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy and Asymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease


Yongxia Zhou, PhD (Author) – Imaging Scientist, University of Southern California and Columbia University, USA

Series: Neuroanatomy Research at the Leading Edge

BISAC: MED056000

The aim of this new book is to provide readers some new insights into applying various imaging techniques to diagnose and distinguish subtypes and rare/comorbid cases of several brain disorders more accurately. Specific and comprehensive imaging features utilized that could pinpoint the exact abnormalities of these atypical and/or rare diseases are the highlights of this book, which will provide guidance for better disease mechanism interpretation.




Chapter 1. Imaging Differences of Parkinson’s Disease with and without Mild Cognitive Impairment

Chapter 2. Conventional Imaging Biomarkers of Atypical Parkinson’s – CBS and PSP

Chapter 3. Novel Imaging Biomarkers in CBS/PSP and Asymptomatic/Symptomatic Alzheimer’s

Chapter 4. Typical Imaging Biomarkers in Schizophrenia and Epilepsy


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