Tour de force of Moral Virtue in International Criminal Justice


Farhad Malekian – Uppsala, Sweden

Series: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Corrections
BISAC: PHI000000; LAW026000; LAW027000
DOI: 10.52305/MYGH6377

With the principle of tour de force, we refer to the use of the power of moral legality, the strength of statutes, and the fairness of judgments. A quantum force of moral legality and legal morality serves as an imperative force in the implementation of fair criminal justice, as well as in the prevention of future victims across the globe. Contrary to positivist ideas, the simple notion of morality contains within itself the very essence of international criminal norms. If the source of morality did not exist in the structure of our criminal justice, we could no longer call it criminal justice and would instead have to call it criminal revenge. Beyond the moral essence of international criminal justice, we also challenge the hidden illegality and immorality of certain attitudes. This is done in order to prevent acts which violate human rights law and criminal justice provisions. The codes of international human rights law cannot properly function without the comprehensive nature of morality which elevates the moral virtue of international criminal justice and strengthens the tour de force. One may observe that the principle of the tour de force of the moral virtue within the system of international criminal justice loses its legal power when governments attempt to justify their unjust decisions. This is the main reason why the major potential value of the tour de force of the moral virtue of human rights law and international criminal justice is not as strong as it should be. In order to achieve a vision of the tour de force of moral virtue, we need to establish a devoted influential ethical vision of the truth beyond political tradition. An unparalleled philosophical piece of literature by Malekian.

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Table of Contents


Chapter I. Complications of the Criminal Virtue of Moral Legality
1. Biased Image of Morality
2. Necessary Substance of Morality
3. Violations of the Code of Morality
4. Substantive Nature of Morality
5. Treatment of the Code of Morality
6. Non-Divisible Character of Morality
7. Criminal Morality against Moral Philosophy
8. Original Shape of Humanity
9. Human Rights Miscarriage of Morality
10. The Reluctant Policy of Morality

Chapter II. Contradictions Governing the Criminal Consciousness of Moral Legality

1. Moral Hazard to the Tour de force
2. Dividing Moral Virtue
3. Shaming the Immorality of Criminal Justice
4. Conflicts of Morality within International Criminal Justice
5. Biased Morality Leading Criminal Justice
6. Legal Disciplines Mistreating Morality
7. Crippled System of Criminal Justice
8. Chaining the Tour de force of the Moral Dimension
9. Hierarchy within the Corpus of Moral Virtue
10. Prima Facie of the Code of Morality

Chapter III. Metaphor of the Violations of the Moral Virtue of Criminal Justice

1. Metaphysical Definitions of Moral Virtues
2. Granting Happiness with Lies
3. The Metaphor of the Impunity of Immorality
4. Violating the Bottom Line of Moral Virtue
5. Modern Facet of Moral Anarchy
6. Connections between Law and Morality
7. Virtue of Moral-Legality

Chapter IV. Merit of the Tour de force of Moral Virtue in Criminal Justice

1. Structure of Immoral Discipline
2. Violating Moral Virtues
3. Moral Virtue in International Criminal Justice
4. Package of Morality in International Criminal Justice
5. Charter of the United Nations Challenging Morality
6. Misuse of Morality as a Lobby
7. Substance of the Morality of the Big Powers
8. Morality without Objectivity
9. Paralysing Moral Virtue of Law
10. Subtle Termination of the Norms of Morality

Chapter V. Provocations of the Tour de force of Criminal Moral Virtue

1. Poisoning the Nature of Morality
2. Prosecuting Violations of Moral Virtue of Law
3. Employing Legal Systems against Moral Substance
4. Criminal Justice Violating Moral Principles
5. Personal Understanding of Morality
6. Irrationality of the Standards of Moral Principles
7. Organisational Peace against Moral Virtue
8. Discord between Peace, Security, and Justice
9. Immorality in the Name of Morality
10. False Priorities Regarding Moralities

Chapter VI. Imperative Moral Substance in Criminal Justice

1. Oaths Combatting Moral Virtue
2. Moral Legality Abolishing Capital Punishment
3. Imperative Nature of Moral Legality in Criminal Justice
4. Morality of Oppressive Governments
5. Contesting the Moral Dimension
6. Self-Motivating Moral Justice
7. Bargaining with the Moral Substance of Criminal Justice
8. Combatting Principles of Legality and Morality
9. Falsification of the Moral Virtue of Human Rights Law
10. Missing Notion of Appropriate Conscience

Chapter VII. Passive Procedures of International Criminal Moral Justice

1. Moral Virtues of Criminal Provisions without Quality
2. Dangerous Passive Motto against Children
3. Efficiency of Roots within Moral Values
4. Passive Morality Killing Active Morality
5. Passive Morality Killing Active Moral Values of Human Rights
6. Substantive Values of Morality within Core Crimes
7. Inseparable Moral Values
8. Fixing Criminal Values of Moral Virtue
9. Somebodiness Rejecting the Moral Issues of Nobodiness
10. Godfathers Controlling Moral Disputes of Criminal Justice

Chapter VIII. The Dilemma of the Mistreatment of the Tour de force of Moral Conscience

1. Apparatus of Moral Legality and Legal Morality
2. Promoting a Flawed Notion of Criminal Morality
3. Procedural Problems of Morality
4. Moral Legality Containing Criminal Spite
5. Voice within Moral Legality
6. Erratic Criminal Moral Conscience
7. Legal Dilemma of Criminal Moral Virtue
8. Acknowledging the Virtue of Immorality
9. Criminal Moral Monopolisation in the Security Council

Chapter IX. Silence of Positivism Opposing the Tour de force of Moral Virtue

1. Moral Legality versus Warlike Entities
2. Cultivation of Moral Legality
3. Unique Bazaar of Morality
4. Confidential Positivist Criminal Morality
5. Ugliness of the Authoritarian Moral Dimension
6. Silence Surrounding Moral Virtue
7. Criminal Moral Accusations
8. Enforceability versus Accountability

Chapter X. Disquieting Virtue of Tour de force of Criminal Justice
1. Disarmament of Moral Legality in the Council
2. Foxing the Virtue of Moral Legality
3. Millstone Argument of Moral Legality
4. Immoral Methods of Humiliation
5. Political Force against the Virtue of Morality
6. Personal Morality Forming Immorality
7. The Substance of the Virtue of Morality
8. The Cardinal Virtue of Moral Arguments
9. Sacrifice for the Moral Virtue of Justice
10. Condemning Repugnant Morality

Chapter XI. Judgments without Moral Virtue of Criminal Justice
1. Moral Dimensions of Our Judgments
2. Self-Satisfaction versus Morality
3. Moral Virtue of Criminal Judgments
4. Abuse of the Tour de force of Moral Justice
5. Morality Dealing with the Painful Sight of Victims
6. Attributing the Moral Virtue of Criminal Accountability
7. State Criminality versus Moral Virtue
8. Judging Each Other’s Moral Virtues
9. Grievances of the Moral Virtue of Criminal Justice

Chapter XII. Conclusion



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