Theoretical Physics and Nonlinear Optics: Theories and Models


Thomas F. George (Editor)
Office of the Chancellor and Center for Nanoscience, Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Physics & Astronomy, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO, USA

Renat R. Letfullin (Editor)
Department of Physics and Optical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, IN, USA

Guoping Zhang (Editor)
Department of Physics, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN USA

Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI053000

This book presents research in the field of theoretical physics and nonlinear optics. Topics discussed include quantum field theory; higher dimensional model spaces and defects; non-linear refractive index theory; quark-pion coupling constant and ground-state baryon masses; the search for higgs bosons in two-higgs doublet models and the neutrino mass in a six dimensional E6 model. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Momentum Picture of Motion in Lagrangian Quantum Field Theory, pp. 1-19 (Bozhidar Zakhariev Iliev)

The Dynamics of a IIA String Theory D0-Brane Probing a Four
Dimensional Black, pp. 21-27
(A. Chenaghlou)

The Seiberg-Witten Map in Noncommutative Field Theory: An Alternative Interpretation, pp. 29-38
(Subir Ghosh)

Higher Dimensional Model Spaces and Defects, pp. 39-54
(Dominic G.B. Edelen)

One-Magnon Systems in an Anisotrpic Non-Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Impurity Model, pp. 55-67
(S.M. Tashpulatov)

Ground State Mass Spectra of Low Lying Baryons in an Equally Mixed Scalar and Vector Potential Model, pp. 69-83
(S.N. Jena, T.C. Tripathy and M.K. Muni)

Bell’s Theorem Refuted with a Kolmogorovian Counterexample, pp. 85-97
(J.F. Geurdes)

Ground States and Excitation Spectra of Light and Strange Baryons in a Relativistic Linear Potential Model, pp. 99-114
(S.N. Jena, T.C. Tripathy and H.H.Muni)

Neutrino Mass in a Six Dimensional E6 Model, pp. 115-122
(Snigdha Mishra and Sarita Mohanty)

Determination of the Proton Bag Radius Based on MIT Bag Model, pp. 123-130
(G.R. Boroun and M. Zandi)

Searches for Higgs Bosons in Two-Higgs Doublet Models: The Fermiophobic Limit, pp. 131-163
(L. Brucher and R. Santos)

Quark-Pion Coupling Constant and Ground-State Baryon Masses in a Chiral Symmetric Potential Model, pp. 165-187
(S.N. Jena, M.K. Muni and H.R. Pattnaik)

Goldstone-Boson-Exchange and One-Gluon Exchange Contributions to Baryon Spectra in a Relativistic Quark Model, pp. 189-209
(S.N. Jena, M.K. Muni, and H.R. Pattnaik)

Non-Linear Refractive Index Theory: I Generalised Optical Extinction Theory and Dispersion Relations, pp. 211-227
(S.S. Hassan, R.K. Bullough and R. Saunders)

Non-Linear Refractive Index Theory: II Numerical Studies, pp. 229-238
(S.S. Hassan, R.K. Bullough, M.N. Ibrahim, R. Saunders, T. Jarad, and N. Nayak)


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