The Russian Turmoil: Memoirs: Military, Social, and Political


Anton Denikin

Series: Political Science and History
BISAC: HIS032000

Anton Denikin was an officer in the Russian army stationed in the Western Front during the Revolution. This memoir deals chiefly with the disintegration of the Russian army and its participation in the progress of the Revolution.
(Imprint: SNOVA)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
List of Diagrams and Maps
Chapter I. The Foundations of the Old Power: Faith, the Czar, and the Mother Country
Chapter II. The Army
Chapter III. The Old Army and the Emperor
Chapter IV. The Revolution in Petrograd
Chapter V. The Revolution and the Imperial Family
Chapter VI. The Revolution and the Army
Chapter VII. Impressions of Petrograd at the End of March, 1917
Chapter VIII. The Stavka: Its Rôle and Position
Chapter IX. General Markov
Chapter X. The Power—The Duma—The Provisional Government—The High Command—The Soviet of Workmen’s and Soldiers’ Delegates
Chapter XI. The Bolshevik Struggle for Power—The Power of the Army and the Idea of a Dictatorship
Chapter XII. The Activities of the Provisional Government—Internal Politics, Civil Administration—The Town, the Village, and the Agrarian Problem. [Pg 6]
Chapter XIII. The Activities of the Provisional Government: Food Supplies, Industry, Transport, and Finance
Chapter XIV. The Strategical Position of the Russian Front
Chapter XV. The Question of the Advance of the Russian Army
Chapter XVI. Military Reforms—The Generals—The Dismissal from the High Command
Chapter XVII. “Democratisation of the Army”—Administration, Service and Routine
Chapter XVIII. The Declaration of the Rights of the Soldier and Committees
Chapter XIX. The Democratisation of the Army: The Commissars
Chapter XX. The Democratisation of the Army—The Story of “The Declaration of the Rights of the Soldier”
Chapter XXI. The Press and Propaganda
Chapter XXII. The Condition of the Army at the July Advance
Chapter XXIII. Officers’ Organisations
Chapter XXIV. The Revolution and the Cossacks
Chapter XXV. National Units
Chapter XXVI. May and the Beginning of June in the Sphere of Military Administration—The Resignation of Gutchkov and General Alexeiev—My Departure from the Stavka—The Administration of Kerensky and General Brussilov
Chapter XXVII. My Term as Commander-in-Chief on the Western Russian Front
Chapter XXVIII. The Russian Advance in the Summer of 1917—The Débâcle
Chapter XXIX. The Conference at the Stavka of Ministers and Commanders-in-Chief on July 16th
Chapter XXX. General Kornilov
Chapter XXXI. My Service as Commander-in-Chief of the South-Western Front—The Moscow Conference—The Fall of Riga
Chapter XXXII. General Kornilov’s Movement and its Repercussion on the South-West Front
Chapter XXXIII. In Berdichev Gaol—The Transfer of the “Berdichev Group” of Prisoners to Bykhov
Chapter XXXIV. Some Conclusions as to the First Period of the Revolution

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