The Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Decline of American Democracy: How Brexit and the Trump Presidency Influenced Populist Empowerment and the Intersection of Rights. Division, Derision, Decisions


Series: American Political, Economic, and Security Issues

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In 2016, both the United Kingdom and the United States found themselves embroiled in bitter battles, battles in which the citizens themselves became their own worst enemies. The Brexit campaign and campaign for the 45th presidency precipitated a rebirth of populism and nationalism, invigorating entire populations and inducing even the most casual observer into political action and discourse. Yet, in both cases, what began as an endeavor to serve the needs of the citizenry morphed into a battlefield of derision and division.

Racism and xenophobia are no longer isolated issues affecting only small segments of society. Hate crimes, hate speech, and overt racial discrimination are on the rise worldwide stemming from populist empowerment. Domestic terrorism has surged across the West, particularly in the US. An atmosphere of hostility has emerged, pitting neighbor against neighbor, as it insidiously sweeps through society, permanently altering our understanding of right and wrong and law and order. These issues are now at the forefront of debate and have assumed a position on the frontline of political warfare worldwide.

The parallels between the societal changes in the UK and US are not merely provocative, they are disarming, particularly in light of the ensuing rise in far-right and far-left terrorism across the West. In the US, this societal transformation and rise in domestic threat demonstrates a charged and changed political atmosphere, as well as heralding the decline of American democracy.

Table of Contents


Part I. The Evolution of Democracy

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The United Kingdom: Populist Consumption of the Mighty Blighty

Chapter 3. Politics in the West

Chapter 4. The Political State in the Rest of the World

Chapter 5. The United States: The Birth of Ameriscepticism

Part II. The Domino Effect

Chapter 6. Parallels and Recurrent Themes

Part III. The Decline of American Democracy

Chapter 7. An American Metamorphosis

Chapter 8. Ameriscepticism Grips America

Part IV: The Crossroads

Chapter 9. Intersecting Rights

Chapter 10. Conclusion: Division, Derision, Decisions




The Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Decline of American Democracy is a very unique and important book of our time. Dr. Ramswell has provided us with a synopsis of recent worldwide transformation in several governments due to multiple factors influencing these changes such as populism, nationalism, immigration, Brexit, President Trump, and even social media practices. Many Americans are using social media as their primary source for news, which is often biased, incorrect, and likely does not cover international events. Some Americans still watch news on the major networks. With the exception of reporting dramatic worldwide events, these traditional news networks have devoted less and less time to international news over the last several decades. To find worldwide news, one must take the initiative and search for it on network websites, the BBC, or other sites. This can be time consuming, and the search is not likely to continue on a regular basis. Dr. Ramswell’s book fills this international news void by providing solid, eye-opening information on the impacts of recent events impacting us all. Her book also provides brilliant, in-depth research on perspective changes in worldwide governments in a relatively short time period. I highly recommend this book for those of us who have been focusing only on American politics and feel like they’re missing out on the happenings in the world around them.” -Joe Fournier, MA, International Affairs, The University of Oklahoma; USAFR, Oklahoma, USA

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