The Quantum Biosemiosphere


Michael Charles Tobias, PhD
Jane Gray Morrison

Series: Environmental Research Advances
BISAC: NAT011000

“Increasingly, we are finding that the web of communication between different species of animals and plants is quite complex and can be described as spheres having much broader influences than we had previously supposed. For generations, people looked at forests and saw individual trees. But what they didn’t see was that the trees were connected below the ground by fungal mycelia that allowed nutrients to flow from one tree to another, as well as other chemical messages. In effect, the fungal mycelia are like the internet connecting trees within a forest, allowing the trees to “talk” to one another.

Ecological communities, or biosemiospheres, are made up of many different species of plants and animals that depend on each other for the flow of energy. There are herbivores, carnivores, detritivores, predators and prey, primary producers such as plants and trees, and the interactions of all the members of an ecological community can be modeled by the flow of energy within that community. While we look at all of the component species of an ecological community and see solid objects in the form of plants and animals, quantum theory tells us that these are really bundles of energy within a broader energetic field, currently hypothesized as the Higgs Field that connects everything. From the perspective of quantum theory, we can look at all of the species as bundles of energy that they exchange as they communicate, eat each other, die, and decompose. In that sense, a biosemiosphere is really a quantum biosemiosphere.

This book will provide you with a lot of delights. First, there is the genius of taking such a breathtaking large view of the biotic world and placing it into semiotic and quantum terms. Then there is a rigorous philosophic discussion of why this is important and why we must take it seriously. Finally, there is a sprinkling of allusions throughout, that are a delight to chase down and savor, the way that you would savor a fine wine over an intellectual conversation with friends who think outside the box.” – From the Foreword by Dr. Con Slobodchikoff

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Con Slobodchikoff

Prologue by Dr. Alexander Chumakov

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Holosemiotica

Chapter 3. Discourse on the Spheres

Chapter 4. Scales of Discussion

Chapter 5. The Transcendental Logos

Chapter 6. The Densities of an Interregnum

Chapter 7. An Ontological Semiosis

Chapter 8. The QBS Proposition

Chapter 9. The STI: Special Theory of Infinity

Chapter 10. Nāgārjuna and Aristotle

Chapter 11. “Emerging Biointerfaces”

Chapter 12. The Convergence of Evolutionary Boundaries

Chapter 13. A Global Complex of Consciousness

Chapter 14. The Biology of Quantum Entanglement

Chapter 15. Biophysical Experiments



“Tobias and Morrison’s rewarding book demands scintillating focus and presents a serious, if shattering treatise, a transformative ecological paradigm based in a new theoretical metaphysics which surrounds us, is speaking to us, lives within us and seeks to guide us towards a transcendent future care-taking this precious earth.” To read the full review, click here >>Michael S. Bostick, Environmental Professional, Artist, Freelance Writer. To read another review of this book from Michael S. Bostick published online in the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere (MAHB), please click this link:

The Quantum Biosemiosphere reflects the pure inner strength and remarkable acumen of Dr Michael Charles Tobias and Mrs. Jane Gray Morrison as they take stock of the vast natural forces and energy of ecological communities across the planet. They then subsequently engage in philosophical discourse, abetted by remarkable empirical data to support a planetary ethic. This work could not have emerged at a more critical time: the Anthropocene. By applying advanced environmental research in utterly fascinating and new scientific arenas of hypothesis and synthesis, this book invokes, conveys, and thoroughly symbolizes the ecological integrity of a wildlife civilization, never quite explored like this in the history of science. Tobias and Morrison summon forth various computational analyses of a myriad of inter-species languages and the cultural behavior of plants and animals. Likewise, the work is richly nourished with extraordinary scientific findings. The Authors, in this – one of their most provocative books – conscientiously counsel to save the planet from its permanent collapse. For every (human) member of the global community who wants to save this planet, the only world we know and call home, from the devastating irruptions of human interference, this book is a must read. – Ugyen Tshewang, PhD,  former Secretary of Environment in Bhutan, Thimphu, Bhutan

“The fast evolving world of ethology – interspecies research, communication, scientific breakthroughs regarding the extraordinary sentience, feelings, and minds of other species – has rarely, if ever, been examined through the lenses of physics, mathematics, and psychological GIS (Geographic Information Systems). In this book, layer upon layer, tier after tier, every leaf, stoma, axon, brain cell, and genotypic expression is explored in a riveting new approach to the biosphere that at once translates it into a biosemiosphere–an earth teeming with meaningful communication amongst trillions of individuals. The Quantum Biosemiosphere makes profoundly clear that human consciousness, and conscience has the responsibility as never before to safeguard a vastly philosophical biosphere; an artistic and intellectual earth pouring out its feelings, needs, recognitions, co-symbioses, and biological pacts in readable formats. Tobias and Morrison illuminate in unambiguous terms how we might yet avoid an unprecedented calamity in the face of the genius of all other species, who just happen to work together.” –  Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado, author of Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence and A Dog’s World: Imagining the Lives of Dogs in a World Without Humans 

“Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison have laid the groundwork for an entirely new theoretical and philosophical understanding of 21st century ecological dynamics. Their theories and entire narrative – as enshrined in The Quantum Biosemiosphere,  are as revolutionary in their own eloquent, intricate way, as the early 20th century initiatives in math and physics that came to form the basis for our understanding of fundamental quantum mechanics and relativity.” – Alexander N. Chumakov Ph.D., Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University Editor-in-Chief of “Age of Globalization” Journal Moscow, Russia

A special commentary, published by Transition-Earth, was written by Geoffrey Holland, an award-winning Writer/Producer of long and short form video. He is also currently Coordinator of Dialogues for the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere. To read the commentary, click here >>.

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