The Malthusian Century


Charles T. Stewart, Jr
George Washington Universtiy, Washington DC, USA

Series: Social Issues, Justice and Status
BISAC: SOC027000

The quadrupling of the world population in the 20th century has over-burdened the environment and accelerated the depletion of natural resources, whether renewable or not. The effort of the largest nations, China, India, and others, to attain affluence at this time further damages the environment and tax resources. Recently, fertility rates have fallen dramatically, below replacement in much of the world. The number of workers will be declining while the number elderly dependent on their support will be rising. Prospects for affluence are grim for rich and poor nations alike. There is no historical precedent for such a decline in fertility which, except in China, is a voluntary response to urbanization, education, the liberation of women, and birth control technology. What does the future hold?

This book consists of 33 essays on the 21<sup>st</sup> century problems of overpopulation and low fertility and possible policy choices. The ultimate question is the future of fertility and population; will the decline in fertility, which will help save the planet, be reversed at some time, or will advanced civilization render humans an endangered species? Will the culture change or will public policy preserve civilization, affluence, and the planet, or only two of the above? These are the questions and we do not know the answers. In this book about the future, the analysis is supplemented by speculation and a pinch of sarcasm. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Industrial Revolution is Over

Chapter 3. Alternative Energy: Geography and Arithmetic

Chapter 4. Climate Change and Common Sense

Chapter 5. Ecophilia

Chapter 6. A Place to Live

Chapter 7. Savings, Investment and Salvation

Chapter 8. College Education: Investment, Insurance, or Lottery?

Chapter 9. Medical Education and Health Care Costs

Chapter 10. Consumerism

Chapter 11. Depression in the Household Economy

Chapter 12. Obsolescence and Employment: Are More Jobs Necessary?

Chapter 13. Inequality

Chapter 14. Egalitarianism or Life as a Lottery

Chapter 15. Living on $3,650 a Year in the USA

Chapter 16. When Solutions are the Problem

Chapter 17. No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

Chapter 18. Is Democracy a Ponzi Scheme?

Chapter 19. Democracy and Religion

Chapter 20. National Identity, National Goals

Chapter 21. Population Bust

Chapter 22. Shrinking Cities: Adapting to Population Decline

Chapter 23. The Right to Emigrate

Chapter 24. Who Am I?

Chapter 25. Solitude

Chapter 26. On Living too Long

Chapter 27. In Defense of Marriage

Chapter 28. Restructuring Society

Chapter 29. Chinese Checkers

Chapter 30. The War of Words

Chapter 31. Wars in the 21<sup>st</sup> Century

Chapter 32. Past and Future History

Chapter 33. Farewell to Affluence

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