The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers


Diogenes Laërtius (Editor)

Series: World Philosophy

BISAC: PHI000000

Diogenes Laërtius divides the philosophy of the Greeks into the Ionic, beginning with Anaximander, and ending with Theophrastus (in which class he includes the Socratic philosophy and all its various ramifications); and the Italian, beginning with Pythagoras, and ending with Epicurus, in which he includes the Eleatics as well as Heraclitus and the Sceptics. His work is the chief source of information we possess concerning the history of Greek philosophy and is the foundation of nearly all modern treatises on that subject.

Table of Contents


Section I

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Life of Thales

Chapter 3. Life of Solon

Chapter 4. Life of Chilo

Chapter 5. Life of Pittacus

Chapter 6. Life of Bias

Chapter 7. Life of Cleobulus

Chapter 8. Life of Periander

Chapter 9. Life of Anacharsis, the Scythia

Chapter 10. Life of Myson

Chapter 11. Life of Epimenides

Chapter 12. Life of Pherecydes

Section II

Chapter 13. Life of Anaximander

Chapter 14. Life of Anaximenes

Chapter 15. Life of Anaxagoras

Chapter 16. Life of Archelaus

Chapter 17. Life of Socrates

Chapter 18. Life of Xenophon

Chapter 19. Life of Æschines

Chapter 20. Life of Aristippus

Chapter 21. Life of Phædo

Chapter 22. Life of Euclides

Chapter 23. Life of Stilpo

Chapter 24. Life of Crito

Chapter 25. Life of Simon

Chapter 26. Life of Glauco

Chapter 27. Life of Simias

Chapter 28. Life of Cebes

Chapter 29. Life of Menedemus

Section III

Chapter 30. Life of Plato

Section IV

Chapter 31. Life of Speusippus

Chapter 32. Life of Xenocrates

Chapter 33. Life of Polemo

Chapter 34. Life of Crates

Chapter 35. Life of Crantor

Chapter 36. Life of Arcesilaus

Chapter 37. Life of Bion

Chapter 38. Life of Lacydes

Chapter 39. Life of Carneades

Chapter 40. Life of Clitomachus

Section V

Chapter 41. Life of Aristotle

Chapter 42. Life of Theophrastus

Chapter 43. Life of Strato

Chapter 44. Life of Lycon

Chapter 45. Life of Demetrius

Chapter 46. Life of Heraclides

Section VI

Chapter 47. Life of Antisthenes

Chapter 48. Life of Diogenes

Chapter 49. Life of Monimus

Chapter 50. Life of Onesicritus

Chapter 51. Life of Crates

Chapter 52. Life of Metrocles

Chapter 53. Life of Hipparchia

Chapter 54. Life of Menippus

Chapter 55. Life of Menedemus

Section VII

Chapter 56. Life of Zeno

Chapter 57. Life of Ariston

Chapter 58. Life of Herillus

Chapter 59. Life of Dionysius

Chapter 60. Life of Cleanthes

Chapter 61. Life of Sphærus

Chapter 62. Life of Chrysippus

Section VIII

Chapter 63. Life of Pythagoras

Chapter 64. Life of Empedocles

Chapter 65. Life of Epicharmus

Chapter 66. Life of Archytas

Chapter 67. Life of Alcmæon

Chapter 68. Life of Hippasus

Chapter 69. Life of Philolaus

Chapter 70. Life of Eudoxus

Section IX

Chapter 71. Life of Heraclitus

Chapter 72. Life of Xenophanes

Chapter 73. Life of Parmenides

Chapter 74. Life of Melissus

Chapter 75. Life of Zeno, the Eleatic

Chapter 76. Life of Leucippus

Chapter 77. Life of Democritus

Chapter 78. Life of Protagoras

Chapter 79. Life of Diogenes, of Apollonia

Chapter 80. Life of Anaxarchus

Chapter 81. Life of Pyrrho

Chapter 82. Life of Timon

Section X

Chapter 83. Life of Epicurus


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