The Journal of Leo Tolstoi (First Volume–1895-1899)


Leo Tolstoi (Editor)

Series: Historical Figures

BISAC: BIO026000

The ultimate meaning of the Russian Revolution which took place on March 7, 1917, can be best understood through the pages of the Journal of Leo Tolstoi which is here printed. The spiritual qualities which make up the mind and personality of Tolstoi are the spiritual qualities which make up the new era among men which is being waged so painfully and so uncompromisingly on the soil of Russia. One holds the key to the other, for no land but Russia could have produced a Tolstoi, and in no land but Russia could Tolstoi have been so embraced and so absorbed.





Chapter 1 October–December 1895

Chapter 2. 1896

Chapter 3. 1897

Chapter 4. 1898

Chapter 5. 1899

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A Short Sketch of the Life of Tolstoi at the End of the Nineties

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