The Humanities: Past, Present and Future


Michael F. Shaughnessy, PhD – Professor of Psychology, Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico, USA

Series: Fine Arts, Music and Literature
BISAC: EDU029050

The humanities have been an integral part of humanity’s cultural structure for centuries. In this book, a number of leading scholars reflect on the past, present and offer their perspectives for the future of the humanities. The first chapter (written by Jennifer Laubenthal, Jonathan Helmick and Kathleen Melago) describes the vitality of music for humanistic study. Next, Kevin Donnelly provides his perspectives and research of the humanities as they pertain to Australian history. Professor Donald Elder then extols the humanities from a historical perspective, investigating key crucial events that have taken place in America. Literacy and literacy instruction in the past, present and future are detailed by Professors Thompson and Coffey, while scholar Paul Horton examines the plight of the humanities in the vise of K-20 corporate education reform. Emerging technologies in humanities education is critically examined by Arjun Sabharwal while Gerald Cupchik explores the humanities, emotions and aesthetics in a singular fashion.

The realms of pedagogy and knowledge are explored by Will Fitzhugh and Michael F. Shaughnessy, while Greg Eft paints a panorama of concerning the definition of beauty as it pertains to the humanities. Geni Flores then follows in a chapter that promotes and accentuates the importance of multiculturalism and diversity as instruments of social justice. Josh McVey interprets Scripture and its origins within the humanities while Anna Beck explores historical American theatre and provides a glimpse of this realm through various windows. Opal Greer sheds light on what we may be able to discern from the humanities’ past and envisions the realm of their future in universities and academia. Professor Elder contributes a second time to this manuscript, boldly going where not historian has gone before and examining the relevance of space history to this subject matter. Bringing the book to a close, Herbert London offers his perspective on the future of the humanities. Scholars, researchers, critics, historians, art lovers, and musicians as well as many involved in education will relish and enjoy this rich, robust exploration of the humanities and it’s relation to the past, present and future.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Music Appreciation as Part of the Humanities: Past, Present and Future
Jennifer Laubenthal, Jonathan Helmick and Kathleen Melago

Chapter 2. The Humanities in Australia: Past, Present and Future
Kevin Donnelly

Chapter 3. To Boldy Save or Meanly Lose: The Struggle to Interpret American History in the 21st Century
Donald C. Elder III

Chapter 4. Literacy Instruction in the Past, Present and Future
Wally Thompson and Debra Coffey

Chapter 5. The Humanities in the Vise of the K-20 Corporate Education Reform
Paul Horton

Chapter 6. Emerging Technologies in Humanities Education
Arjun Sabharwal

Chapter 7. An Interview with Gerald Cupchik: Humanities, Emotions and Aesthetics
Michael F. Shaughnessy

Chapter 8. Pedagogy vs. Knowledge: Anti-Intellectualism in American Education in light of the Humanities
Will Fitzhugh and Michael F. Shaughnessy

Chapter 9. The Humanities and the Search for Beauty: Past, Present and Future
Michael F. Shaughnessy and Greg Erf

Chapter 10. Multiculturalism vs. Diversity: Can the Humanities Become an Instrument for Social Justice?
Geni Flores

Chapter 11. The Interpretation of Scripture: A Humanities Study of the Development of the Biblical Hermeneutic
Josh D. McVey

Chapter 12. The American Historical Theater and a Glimpse through Various Windows
Anne Beck

Chapter 13. A Humanities Carol: What We Can Learn from Humanities’ past about the Future of the University
Opal Greer

Chapter 14. These Are the Real Voyages: Space History as a Part of the Humanities
Donald Elder III

Chapter 15. The Future of The Humanities
Herbert London

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