The Growth of the Christian Church: A Search for Faith, Form and Freedom (A Reader)


: Religion and Spirituality
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This volume is the second of two devoted to the growth of the Christian Church over the two millennia of its existence. The volumes are meant to supplement each other—the first as history of the development of established faith in Jesus Christ; the second as a series of articles and citations that throw deeper light on the implications of the Church’s development and beliefs. This Reader is intended to bring the themes incipient to the evolution of Christianity into closer focus. The chapters are designed to examine some of the major areas of the faith.

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Chapter 1. Conciliar Documents on Revelation

Chapter 2. Trinitarian Structure in the Economy of Salvation

Chapter 3. The Scriptural Roots of Laudato Si’

Chapter 4. Imperfection in Creation. Augustine of Hippo: The City of God Book 13: On Original Sin

Chapter 5. The Incarnation: Why God Became Man? Anselm of Canterbury: Cur Deus Homo?

Chapter 6. The Nature of Jesus Christ. Logos Eikon Onoma Musterion: Interrelations in the Four Great Christological Hymns of the New Testament

Chapter 7. Conversion and Discipleship: Paul of Tarsus and Aurelius Augustinus

Chapter 8. Scholasticism and Philosophy

Chapter 9. The Commingling of Philosophy and Revelation: Augustine’s Confessions and the City of God

Chapter 10. Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius and The Consolation of Philosophy

Chapter 11. Pilgrimage: Public Worship and Private Spirituality

Chapter 12. Vision and Text in the Mysticism of the Late Middle Ages

Chapter 13. Papal Primacy: Three Documents

Chapter 14. Chronology of Major Historical, Theological and Philosophical Events: 4000 BC to 1900 AD




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Robert Ignatius Letellier

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