The Great Galveston Disaster


Paul Lester

Series: American History, Culture and Literature
BISAC: HIS036040

Thousands of men, women and children swept to sudden death. Millions of dollars worth of property destroyed. Scenes of suffering and desolation that beggar description. Heroic efforts to save human life. The world shocked by the appalling news. Such is the thrilling story of the Galveston flood, and in this volume it is told with wonderful power and effect. This volume is a complete and authentic account of the great calamity told by the survivors.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CHAPTER I. First News of the Great Calamity—Galveston Almost Totally Destroyed by Wind and Waves—Thousands Swept to Instant Death
CHAPTER II. The Tale of Destruction Grows—A Night of Horrors—Sufferings of the Survivors—Relief Measures by the National Government
CHAPTER III. Incidents of the Awful Hurricane—Unparalleled Atrocities by Lawless Hordes—Earnest Appeals for Help
CHAPTER IV. The Cry of Distress in the Wrecked City—Negro Vandals Shot Down—Progress of the Relief Work—Strict Military Rules
CHAPTER V. Vivid Pictures of Suffering in Every Street and House—The Gulf City a Ghastly Mass of Ruins—The Sea Giving Up its Dead—Supplies Pouring in from Every Quarter
CHAPTER VI. Two Survivors Give Harrowing Details of the Awful Disaster—Hundreds Eager to Get out of Galveston—Cleaning up the Wreckage
CHAPTER VII. Not a House in Galveston Escaped Damage—Young and Old, Rich and Poor, Hurried to a Watery Grave—Citizens With Guns Guarding the Living and the Dead
CHAPTER VIII. Fears of Pestilence—Searching Parties Clearing away the Ruins and Cremating the Dead—Distracted Crowds Waiting to Leave the City—Wonderful Escapes
CHAPTER IX. Story of a Brave Hero—A Vast Army of Helpless Victims—Scenes that Shock the Beholders—Our Nation Rises to the Occasion
CHAPTER X. Details of the Overwhelming Tragedy—The Whole City Caught in the Death Trap—Personal Experiences of Those Who Escaped—First Reports More than Confirmed
CHAPTER XI Galveston Calamity—One of the Greatest Known to History—Many Thousands Maimed and Wounded—Few Heeded the Threatening Hurricane—The Doomed City Turned to Chaos
CHAPTER XII Thrilling Narratives by Eye-witnesses—Path of the Storms Fury Through Galveston—Massive Heaps of Rubbish—Huge Buildings Swept into the Gulf
CHAPTER XIII Refugees Continue the Terrible Story—Rigid Military Patrol—The City in Darkness at Night—Hungry and Ragged Throngs
CHAPTER XIV. Dead Babes Floating in the Water—Sharp Crack of Soldiers’ Rifles—Tears Mingle With the Flood—Doctors and Nurses for the Sick and Dying
CHAPTER XV. Family in a Tree-top All Night—Rescue of the Perishing—Railroad Trains Hurrying Forward With Relief—Pathetic Scenes in the Desolate City
CHAPTER XVI. Startling Havoc Made by the Angry Storm—Vessels Far Out on the Prairie—Urgent Call for Millions of Dollars—Tangled Wires and Mountains of Wreckage
CHAPTER XVII. Governor Sayres Revises His Estimate of Those Lost and Makes it 12,000—A Multitude of the Destitute—Abundant Supplies and Vast Work of Distribution
CHAPTER XVIII. An Island of Desolation—Crumbling Walls—Faces White With Agony—Tales of Dismay and Death—Curious Sights
CHAPTER XIX. Thousands Died in Their Efforts to Save Others—Houses and Humans Beings Floating on the Tide—An Army of Orphans—Greatest Catastrophe in our History
CHAPTER XX. The Storm’s Murderous Fury—People Stunned by the Staggering Blow—Heroic Measures to Avert Pestilence—Thrilling Story of the Ursuline Convent
CHAPTER XXI. Unparalleled Bombardment of Waves—Wonderful Courage Shown by the Survivors—Letter from Clara Barton
CHAPTER XXII. Galveston Storm Stories—Fierce Battles with Surging Waves—Vivid Accounts from Fortunate Survivors—A City of Sorrow
CHAPTER XXIII. Heroic Incidents—Arrival of Relief Trains—Hospitals for the Injured—Loud Call for Skilled Labor
CHAPTER XXIV. One Hero Rescues Over Two Hundred—Traveler Caught in the Rush of Water—Report of a Government Official—How the Great Storm Started
CHAPTER XXV. Storms of Great Violence Around Galveston—Wrecked Cities and Vast Destruction of Property—Appalling Sacrifice of Life
Imprisoned by the Storm
Names of the Victims of the Great Galveston Horror

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