The Future of Mobile Computing


Sam Goundar – RMIT University, Hanoi, Vietnam
J. Avanija, PhD – Professor, School of Computing, Mohan Babu University, Tirupati
K. Reddy Madhavi, PhD – Professor, School of Computing, Mohan Babu University, Tirupati

Series: Computer Science, Technology and Applications
BISAC: COM014000

The Future of Mobile Computing takes readers on a comprehensive journey through the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile technologies. Beginning with a detailed examination of foundational concepts in the field, the book provides insights into the transformative technology of edge computing. The subsequent chapters cover various aspects of mobile computing, addressing topics such as sustainable farming solutions, the latest trends in mobile hardware and design, and the significant role of artificial intelligence in mobile contexts. The book focuses on intelligent mobile assistants, emphasizing the impact of machine learning. Readers will find insights into eco-friendly innovations shaping sustainable mobile technologies and the practical application of mobile computing in smart cities. The book takes a close look at addressing privacy and security challenges, offering robust strategies to safeguard user data. Additional chapters provide information on the transformative potential of augmented reality and virtual reality in modern mobile computing environments. Innovative approaches, such as multimodal AI-embedded blockchain security for smart student monitoring is explored, as is a unique intersection of mobile computing and mental health analysis. The book concludes with a forward-looking exploration of transformative technologies and their integration with mobile computing, providing valuable insights into navigating the innovation frontier. Overall, the book serves as an accessible and essential resource for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of mobile technologies in the years ahead.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. A Systematic Literature Review of Edge Computing
K. G. Suma, Gurram Sunitha, Sam Goundar, J. Avanija, and K. Reddy Madhavi

Chapter 2. A Taxonomy of Edge Computing
J. Avanija, Sam Goundar, Gurram Sunitha, K. Reddy Madhavi, Viswaksena Balaji, and Palagiri Tharun Sai Reddy

Chapter 3. Edge Computing: Transforming Enterprises and Personal Tech Applications
J. Avanija, Sam Goundar, Ch. Prathima, Palagiri Tharun Sai Reddy, Trinadh Mummareddy, and Viswaksena Balaji

Chapter 4 .Smart Agriculture: Mobile Solutions for Sustainable Farming
J. Avanija, Sam Goundar, Padaga Sri Sai Sankar, Vakati Revanth Reddy, D. Ganesh, and Viswaksena Balaji

Chapter 5. Emerging Trends in Mobile Hardware and Design
P. Dhanalakshmi, U. Janardhan Reddy, G. Ravikanth, Chevuru Nandini, Gurram Sunitha, and J. Avanija

Chapter 6. The Role of AI In Mobile Computing
P. Dhanalakshmi, Chevuru Nandini, U. Janardhan Reddy, K. Reddy Madhavi, Viswaksena Balaji, and J. Avanija

Chapter 7. Intelligent Mobile Assistants: The Power of Machine Learning
J. Avanija, Kakarla Kavitha, Katika Manasa, Mogipalli Madhumitha, Vanam Padma Teja, and Viswaksena Balaji

Chapter 8. Edge Computing Technology: Opportunities, Issues and Future Trends
Ch. Prathima, J. Avanija, Sam Goundar, K. Reddy Madhavi, Gurram Sunitha, and Viswaksena Balaji

Chapter 9. Sustainable Mobile Technologies: Eco-Friendly Innovations for the Future
K. Reddy Madhavi, Chevuru Nandini, Chinnakotla Jagannath, J. Avanija, P. Dhanalakshmi, and Viswaksena Balaji

Chapter 10. The Application of Mobile Computing in a Smart City
N. Ashokkumar, M. Bharathi, P. Nagarajan, Kavitha Thandapani, S. Deepa Nivethika, and N. Swetha

Chapter 11. Privacy and Security in Mobile Computing: Strategies for Safeguarding User Data
Tangudu Naresh, Dasari Reventh Raj, Baratam Pravallika, Yajjala Vineela, Bommali Santhoshkumar, and Giri Deekshith

Chapter 12. Shaping Perspectives: Navigating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Modern Mobile Computing Environments
M. Bharathi, N. Ashok Kumar, K. Praveena, V. Kalpana, V. Vijaya Kishore, and J. Avanija

Chapter 13. Multimodal AI-Embedded Blockchain Security Approach for Smart Student Monitoring
Ch. Chandra Sekhar, Naresh Tangudu, Vineesh Pydisetti, Pramila Payli, Amitha Narindi, and Chinnikrishna Enni

Chapter 14. EmoLex-Enhanced Computational Analysis of Anxiety and Sadness: A Mobile Computing Approach at the Intersection of Mental Health
M. Bharathi, N. Ashok Kumar, G. Sandhya Kumari, V. Madhurima, Saleha Tabassum, and G Srihari

Chapter 15. Navigating the Innovation Frontier: A Comprehensive Exploration of Transformative Technologies and Their Integration with Mobile Computing
M. Bharathi, N. Ashok Kumar, G. Sandhya Kumari, V. Madhurima, J. Avanija, and K. Reddy Madhavi


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