The Fungal Cell Wall


Héctor Manuel Mora-Montes (Editor)

Series: Cell Biology Research Progress
BISAC: SCI017000

The fungal cell wall is a shield that protects the cells against changes in the extracellular environment, and from the high internal pressure generated during cell growth. These protective attributes are associated with cell wall robustness and strength, but at the same time the wall has to be plastic and dynamic to allow cell growth and communication with the external environment. The main components of the cell wall are sugars, proteins and lipids. Sugars are the most abundant components of the wall, and are mostly present as polysaccharides of glucose (alpha- and beta-glucans), N-acetylglucosamine (chitin), and glucosamine (chitosan). Most of the cell wall proteins are glycoproteins modified by a glycolipid and/or oligosaccharides covalently attached to asparagine (N-linked glycosylation) or serine/threonine residues (O-linked glycosylation). These wall proteins play important roles in cell wall integrity and structure, sensing changes in the extracellular environment, and some of them have adhesive properties and hydrolytic activities. Here, we present a compilation of reviews written by world leading specialists in the fungal cell wall. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Candida albicans Cell Wall: Structure and Role in Morphogenesis and Immune Recognition (pp. 1-26)
Authors / Editors: (R. A. Hall, M.D. Lenardon, F.J. Alvarez, F.M. Nogueira, L. Mukaremera and N.A.R. Gow, Aberdeen Fungal Group, Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK)

Chapter 2 – Sporothrix schenckii Cell Wall (pp. 27-46)
Authors / Editors: (Leila M. Lopes-Bezerra, Luiz R. Travassos, Paula Kubitschek- Barreira and Marcel M. Lyra da Cunha, Laboratório de Micologia Celular e Proteômica, Instituto de Biologia Roberto Alcantara Gomes, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and others)

Chapter 3 – The Cell Wall of Dimorphic Pathogenic Species of Paracoccidioides (pp. 47-90)
Authors / Editors: (Rosana Puccia, Alisson L. Matsuo, Milene C. Vallejo and Larissa V. G. Longo, Departamento de Microbiologia, Imunologia e Parasitologia, Universidade Federal de São Paulo – Escola Paulista de Medicina, São Paulo, SP, Brasil)

Chapter 4 – A Genomic Inventory of Cell Wall Biosynthesis in the Ubiquitous Plant Pathogen Botrytis cinerea (pp. 91-128)
Authors / Editors: (Piet W.J. De Groot, Ana Isabel Martinez and Luis Castillo, Regional Center for Biomedical Research, Albacete Science & Technology Park, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, Spain and others)

Chapter 5 – The Septal Cell Wall of Filamentous Fungi (pp. 129-142)
Authors / Editors: (Julia Beck, Johannes Wagener and Frank Ebel, Max-von-Pettenkofer-Institut, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany, and others)

Chapter 6 – Adherence, Virulence and Cell Wall Proteins of Candida Glabrata (pp. 143-158)
Authors / Editors: (Alejandro De Las Peñas, Emmanuel Orta-Zavalza, Verónica Martínez-Jiménez and Irene Castaño, Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (IPICYT), División de Biología Molecular Camino a la Presa San José, San Luis Potosí, SLP, México)

Chapter 7 – Aspartyl Proteases in Human Pathogenic Fungi: Roles in Physiology and Virulence (pp. 159-198)
Authors / Editors: (Gaurav Bairwa, Sriram Balusu and Rupinder Kaur, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad, India)

Chapter 8 – Fungal Cell-Wall Antigens for the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections (pp. 199-232)
Authors / Editors: (Estela Ruiz-Baca, Mayra Cuéllar-Cruz, Everardo López-Romero, María del Rocío Reyes-Montes and Conchita Toriello, Departamento de Biología Celular y Molecular, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango. Durango, Durango, México and others)

Chapter 9 – Polysaccharides and Glycoproteins from Emerging Filamentous Pathogenic Fungi (pp. 233-252)
Authors / Editors: (Eliana Barreto-Bergter and P.A.J. Gorin, Departamento de Microbiologia Geral, Instituto de Microbiologia, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and others)

Chapter 10 – Endoglucanase Expression and Virulence in Plant Fungal Pathogens (pp. 253-274)
Authors / Editors: (Maria Aragona and Maria Teresa Valente, Consiglio per la ricerca e la sperimentazione in agricoltura, Plant Pathology Research Centre (CRA-PAV), Rome, Italy)

Chapter 11 – Altering the Fungal Cell Wall Integrity and Practical Aspects of These Modifications (pp. 275-288)
Authors / Editors: (Joanna S. Kruszewska and Sebastian Piłsyk, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)
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Chapter 12 – Transglutaminases: Critical Components of the Cell Wall Architecture in Fungi (pp. 289-308)
Authors / Editors: (Roberto Zazueta-Sandoval, Salvador Mormeneo, Maria Iranzo, Reyna Lucero Camacho, Arelí Durón and Vanesa Zazueta-Novoa, Biology Department, Natural and Exact Sciences Division, Campus Guanajuato, University of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, México and others)



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