The Effect of Sciatic Nerve Injury on Capillary Network Anatomy in Skeletal Muscle


Ida Eržen
Institute of Anatomy, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Series: Muscular System – Anatomy, Functions and Injuries
BISAC: MED000000



This book provides an overview on the effect of sciatic nerve injury in experimental animals, mostly rats, on the anatomical rearrangement of capillaries supplying skeletal muscle fibers. The effect of acute and chronic denervation and reinnervation is addressed. For better understanding of the complex problem of capillary research at the anatomical level, a number of approaches to evaluate capillarity, by counting capillary profiles in 2D sections or by capillary length measurement from 3D data acquired by a confocal microscope, are presented. Special attention is paid to proper interpretation of various parameters describing the changes in capillarization. (Imprint: Nova)

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