The COVID-19 Disaster. Volume I: The Historic Lessons Learned and Benefits of Human Collaboration


Robert Irving Desourdis (Editor)

Series: Homeland Security and Safety

BISAC: POL012000

This book, The COVID-19 Disaster. Volume 1: The Historic Lessons Learned and Benefits of Human Collaboration, is an intentionally apolitical treatment of the many experiences at the heart of the disaster. It collects hands-on experience from government preparedness and response work, including the impact on state IT systems, the heroic healthcare workers who directly faced the consequences of the disease each day, and the medical and insurance industries’ impact and response, and then builds recommendations for the solution-approach book entitled The COVID-19 Disaster Volume II: Pandemic Prevention and Response Using Artificial Intelligence.





Chapter 1. Déjà vu All Over Again
(Robert Irving Desourdis – Desourdis Collaboration, LLC, Olympia, Washington, US)

Chapter 2. The COVID-19 Pandemic: What Happened This Time?
(Christine M. Hood – Music Specialist, Newport News Public Schools, Newport News, Virginia, U.S.)

Chapter 3. Data System Warnings and Their Challenges
(Nancy W. Grady – Data Science, SAIC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, US)

Chapter 4. Government Planning, Impact and Response
(Robert Coullahan, Sammy Berg, and Tracy Emerton Williams – Readiness Resource Group, Las Vegas, Nevada, US, et al.)

Chapter 5. Healthcare Impact and Response to the Pandemic
(Doreen Taylor, Beth Borey and Eric Jacobson – Medical Device Quality Professional, Greater Boston, Massachusetts, et al.)

Chapter 6. Industry Impact and Response to the Pandemic
(Vera Tice, Carin Upstill, Julian Partynski, and Doreen Taylor – Healthcare Innovation & Technology Executive | Global Strategic Advisor Greater Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., et al.)



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