The Control of the Pumping Complex Electric Drive in Non-Steady Operation States


Mykhaylo V. Zagirnyak, Tetyana V. Korenkova, Oleksandr O. Serdiuk, Oleksii M. Kravets and Viktoriya G. Kovalchuk
Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Series: Electrical Engineering Developments
BISAC: TEC007000



Modern pumping complexes (PC) represent complicated power-consuming technological systems including one or several pumping units (PU) operating in parallel for the common manifold, a network of pipelines with the installed stop-control and safety valves. The presented monograph contains theoretical and experimental research on the improvement of energy efficiency and reliability of PC functioning with the use of the fundamental postulates of the classical theory of electrical engineering, hydrodynamics, electric drive, the methods of finite elements, approximation and optimization, and the theory of Fourier series.
(Imprint: Nova)

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