The Astonishing Brain and Holistic Consciousness: Neuroscience and Vedanta Perspectives


Vinod Deshmukh
University of Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Series: Health and Human Development
BISAC: MED040000

Holistic consciousness is an all-inclusive awareness of the currently situated body-mind-being of an individual person or a living organism. Holism, a theory that the universe and especially living nature is correctly seen in terms of interactive wholes, as all living organisms, that are more than the mere sum of their parts. It is related to and concerned with wholes or with complete systems, rather than with the analysis and treatment of the parts. It holds, that a system or an organism, is a coherent unified whole, that cannot be fully explained in terms of individual parts or characteristics. The system or an organism may have properties, in addition to those of its parts, as a completely new entity or phenomenon. This book provides an understanding of holistic consciousness with a focus on neuroscience and Vedanta perspectives. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Sound of Silent Energy;pp. 1-6

Chapter 2. The Holistic Energy-Being Perspective;pp. 7-12

Chapter 3. Evolutionary Energy, Kuṇḍalini Śaktiḥ;pp. 13-22

Chapter 4. The Core Concepts of Neuroscience and Vedānta;pp. 23-24

Chapter 5. Initial Understanding and Integration;pp. 25-31

Chapter 6. The Holistic Conscious State, Turīya;pp. 33-36

Chapter 7. Self-Conscious Mind in Neuroscience;pp. 37-44

Chapter 8. Self-Conscious Mind in Vedānta;pp. 45-52

Chapter 9. Ipseity, Ātman and Presence;pp. 53-55

Chapter 10. Neuroscience of Self-Consciousness;pp. 57-61

Chapter 11. Self, Ātman in Vedānta;pp. 63-66

Chapter 12. Multi-Stream Self;pp. 67-70

Chapter 13. Synergic Organization of Self;pp. 71-75

Chapter 14. Neuro-Behavioral Development of Self;pp. 77-81

Chapter 15. Trimodal Orientation of the Multi-Stream Self;pp. 83-85

Chapter 16. Introduction to Vedānta;pp; 87-90

Chapter 17. Skillful Practice of Vedānta;pp. 91-94

Chapter 18. Meditative Brain-Mind and Reality;pp. 95-97

Chapter 19. Neuroscience of Attention Social-Emotional Intelligence;pp. 99-100

Chapter 20. Social-Emotional Intellience;pp. 101-102

Chapter 21. Feeling of Self;pp. 103-104

Chapter 22. Healthy Mind and Meditation;pp. 105-107

Chapter 23. Art of Meditation;pp. 109-111

Chapter 24. Meditative Brain;pp. 113-116

Chapter 25. Integration of Meditation;pp. 117-118

Chapter 26. Homeokinetic Mind and Equanimity, Sthitaprajñā;pp. 119-122

Chapter 27. Mind in Indian Psychology, Antaḥkaraṇa;pp. 123-125

Chapter 28. Equanimity in Bhagavad Gītā and Brahma Sūtra;pp. 127-128

Chapter 29. Discussion on Equanimity;pp. 129-133

Chapter 30. Holistic Consciousness, Turīya and The STEP Model of Ego;pp. 135-141

Chapter 31. Vedic Psycholgy: A Science of Wisdom;pp. 143-144

Chapter 32. Wisdom in Modern Psychology;pp. 145-146

Chapter 33. Multi-Stream, Psychosocial Growth;pp. 147-149

Chapter 34. Pearls of Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gītā;pp. 151-153

Chapter 35. Yoga-Sthiti;pp. 155-157

Chapter 36. Yoga as a Science of Wisdom;pp. 159-162

Chapter 37. Wisdom of Ādi Shankarāchārya;pp. 163-165

Chapter 38. Śri Raman Maharshi’s selected Teachings;pp. 167-168

Chapter 39. Sri Aurobindo’s selected Writings;pp. 169-170

Chapter 40. J. Krishnamurti’s selected Writings;pp. 171-175

Chapter 41. Five ‘E’s of Experience;pp. 177-181

Chapter 42. Functional Brain Model;pp. 183-192

Chapter 43. Consciousness and Spirituality:Neuroscience and Vedanta Perspectives;pp. 193-198

Chapter 44. Continuing Self-Understanding: Updating New Neuroscience Research;pp. 199-207

Chapter 45. In Closing;pp. 209-215

Chapter 46. Appendix 1: Functional Neuroanatomy;pp. 217-223

Chapter 47. Appendix 2: 36 Observable Elements of Experiential Field,Kshetra;pp. 225-226

Chapter 48. Appendix 3: Quotations from Vedas, Upanishads &
Bhagavad-Gītā;pp. 227-229

Chapter 49. Appendix 4: Presence: A New Mode of Human Attention;
pp. 231

Chapter 50. Appendix 5: Functional Brain Model: Tables 1 – 4;
pp. 233-235

Chapter 51. Appendix 6: Glossary and Notes;pp. 237-257

Chapter 52. Appendix 7: Vedanta, Yoga & Meditation: Additional References;
pp. 259-262


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