Teensy Weensy Universe: Quantum Mechanical Model of the Universe as We Know It


Series: Classical and Quantum Mechanics
BISAC: SCI057000

Works on quantum mechanics (astronomy, cosmology etc.) often mention that “the laws of quantum mechanics” don’t apply in the “macro world”. It all depends on what you mean by “macro world”. How many atoms constitute the limit, just a couple of them, or a glass of milk, a sizeable house, a city, a continent? Instead, let’s dream big, the whole Planet, maybe our Solar system, our Galaxy, or the Universe as we know it… In this book, we don’t mean to “extend” quantum mechanics. As physical models go: given a world view we find the boundary conditions, set up a mathematical model corresponding to it, and compare it to the reality… Instead of the “extension” of quantum mechanics we simply take it as it is. Let’s examine what kinds of systems correspond to their laws and under which conditions.

The fundamental statements underlying the book are the following: In Solar System-like structures, the individual constituents possess some charge (besides having mass, spin, magnetic moment, just like the particles of atomic structures). This statement allows for the quantum-mechanical modelling and interpretation of Solar System-like structures. All else can be derived from the above statement. The gravitational field and electric field exist independently of each other. The validity of the basic relationships between relativistic quantum mechanics is true for atomic scale systems, as well as for galactic scale systems.


“The Time has no immanent i.e. self-induced scale.”
“The Space has no immanent, i.e. self-induced scale.”
(the majority of physicists, philosophers)

“…relativistic quantum theory does not include the theory of gravitational field, unless it is limited to the weak field…” (Zelmanov)

I can’t answer the ‘Big Questions’ or solve the ‘World Equation’ (I don’t even think there is such a thing). I have suggested a few answers in the book. My motto could go like this: There were four shoemaker’s shops in a street. One of the shop windows announced ‘The best shoes in the world’, the second ‘The best shoes in the country’, the third ‘The best shoes in the city’, while the last shoemaker in his tiny workshop ventured to offer only ‘The best shoes in the street’. There are several houses in my street. We aren’t too many living in my house. I claim that the present book contains “the best theory in our house”.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

hapter 1. Preface

Chapter 2. The Analogy

Chapter 3. Introduction

Chapter 4. Number of Particles – ‘Teensy Weensy Universe’

Chapter 5. Infinity and Universe

Chapter 6. Scales – HSS and LSS System

Chapter 7. The Scale of Size/Distance and Time

Chapter 8. Scale of the “Universe as We Know It”

Chapter 9. Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of the Solar System

Chapter 10. Proof of Quantum-Mechanical Model With Charge

Chapter 11. Planetary Nebulae Morphology

Chapter 12. Summary






Researchers, Universities, Students
Quantum Mechanics & Theoretical Physics


Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Solar System-like systems

Planetary Nebulae – morphology
Universe – a new concept

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