Sustainable Production: Definitions, Aspects, and Elements


Kamran Kheiralipour – Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering of Biosystems Department, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran

Series: Technology in a Globalizing World
BISAC: TEC000000; BUS000000

Production has high importance in each country in point of technical, social, environmental, and economic aspects. On another side, sustainability is a hyper-disciplinary issue which became one of the main concerns across the world. It encompasses sections of society as academic fields, and all companies, factories, organization systems, and consumers. It is a hyper-disciplinary issue because involves all aspects of human life as economic, environmental, and social aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to define and explain the various considerations and elements of sustainable production. The goal of the book is to define all aspects and elements of sustainable production for readers. This book introduces and describes sustainable production elements. It includes production, design, implementation, management, and sustainability description. Sustainable production has different aspects as technical, economic, environmental, and social. Each of these aspects has different elements in sustainable production. In this book, different elements in each aspect have been described where many of them are affected by each other. For the production a product, all or some of the elements may be considered to be respected. This book can assist the readers in considering the sustainability elements in their lives, jobs, and researches. The readers may be students, researchers, manufacturers, and those who conduct any producing or servicing activity.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Production

Chapter 2. Design

Chapter 3. Implementation

Chapter 4. Management

Chapter 5. Sustainability

Chapter 6. Economic Aspect

Chapter 7. Environmental Aspect

Chapter 8. Social Aspect

Chapter 9. Technical Aspect



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Kamran Kheiralipour