Sustainable Evidence-Based Decision-Making


Author: Francesco Chiappelli
Series: Psychology Research Progress

In the situation that finds us, the road most traveled is that which we all know best, and which makes us most comfortable. It often is the pathway that brings us to excessive waste, unrecyclable materials and fuels, and arrogant impositions and demands upon communities and surroundings: all in the name of our commodity. We have come to use the word globalization to mean in the minds of many imposing of my way, because you are still ignorant of the best way (which is my way, of course): hence, it is my responsibility, duty and intent to educate you to my way. Certainly, this is a rash generalization, which we will need to address and rectify in the course of this monograph. It nevertheless shines the light unto why, in many instances, the road most traveled is one of unsustainable behaviors, decisions, and actions in the short and long term. By contrast, the road less traveled, actually the road most often not taken, is that which seeks valid, viable and sustainable0 solutions for the betterment of the individual, local communities, societies, cultures, and regions.

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Part I: The Process of Decision-Making

Chapter 3. Part II: Reaching Evidence-Based Decisions

Chapter 4. Part III: Toward Sustainable Evidence-Based Decisions

Chapter 5. Conclusion




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