Surface Modification of Titanium for Biomaterial Applications


Kyo-Han Kim, R. Narayanan and Tapash R. Rautray
School of Dentistry, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea

Series: Biomaterials – Properties, Production and Devices
BISAC: TEC021000

This book starts with concepts of bone, its structure, remodeling, materials for implants and implant testing methods. Calcium phosphate ceramics and need for titanium surface modification are detailed in the initial chapters. Surface modification techniques include plasma spraying, sol-gel, biomimetic, electrochemical, laser, sputtering and ion-implantation methods. Chapters 5 to 19 deal with these modification techniques. Chapters 20-22 deal with less-common methods titanium nitride coating, protein modification, diamond like carbon coating and ultraviolet treatment. Substituting the apatite lattice with other cations like silicon, magnesium, sodium, carbon, etc is provided. The chapters involving these techniques begin with a small introduction about that technique and go on to explain the underlying principles, methodology and properties of the coats. According to the authors, the book gives a complete overview of almost all the surface modification techniques known, as applied to titanium biomaterials. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Notations and Abbreviations

Chapter 1. Biomaterials, pp. 1-28

Chapter 2. Titanium system, pp. 29-38

Chapter 3. Calcium phosphate ceramics, pp. 39-45

Chapter 4. Calcium phosphate coatings on titanium, pp. 47-51

Chapter 5. Biomimetic deposition, pp. 53-63

Chapter 6. Thermal Spraying, pp. 65-71

Chapter 7. Plasma Spraying, pp. 73-94

Chapter 8. Sol-gel, pp. 95-103

Chapter 9. Anodic oxidation, pp. 105-125

Chapter 10. TiO2 nanotube, pp. 127-141

Chapter 11. Micro arc oxidation, pp. 143-148

Chapter 12. Hydrothermal, pp. 149-155

Chapter 13. Electrophoretic deposition, pp. 157-164

Chapter 14. Cathodic deposition, pp. 165-176

Chapter 15. Hot isostatic pressing, pp. 177-180

Chapter 16. Laser based coatings, pp. 181-189

Chapter 17. RF Sputtering, pp. 191-196

Chapter 18. Ion implantation, pp. 197-208

Chapter 19. Chemical vapor deposition, pp. 209-215

Chapter 20. Other methods, pp. 217-230

Chapter 21. Titanium nitride coating, pp. 231-237

Chapter 22. HA substituted with other ions, pp. 239-255

Chapter 23. Physical and chemical properties of the coatings, pp. 257-272

Chapter 24. Corrosion and wear of the coatings, pp. 273-293

Chapter 25. Biological properties of the coatings, pp. 295-323

Chapter 26. Comparison of various processes, pp. 325-328


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