Superconductivity and Condensed Matter Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries


Collin J. Eckles (Editor)


This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the fields of superconductivity and condensed matter, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: E. M. Abdelrazek (pp. 3-5)

Chapter 2: Hind I. Abdulgafour (pp. 7-9)

Chapter 3: Alexandre Alexandrov (pp. 11-15)

Chapter 4: Alejandro Cabo (pp. 17-25)

Chapter 5: Orion Ciftja (pp. 27-31)

Chapter 6: Tanmoy Das (pp. 33-37)

Chapter 7: Mokhotjwa Dhlamini (pp. 39-41)

Chapter 8: Gladkov (pp. 43-45)

Chapter 9: A.J. Haija (pp. 47-48)

Chapter 10: Junhua Hao (pp. 49-50)

Chapter 11: Kong Hui (pp. 51-53)

Chapter 12: Shadia J Ikhmayies (pp. 55-58)

Chapter 13: Vladimir Ivanshin (pp. 59-61)

Chapter 14: Ekaterina Kalabukhova (pp. 63-65)

Chapter 15: Cornelius Krellner (pp. 67-69)

Chapter 16: Huan-Chiu Ku (pp. 71-73)

Chapter 17: Petra Laqua (pp. 75-88)

Chapter 18: Seung Joo Lee (pp. 89-92)

Chapter 19: Shidong Liang (pp. 93-94)

Chapter 20: Chia-Jyi Liu (pp. 95-98)

Chapter 21: Chih Wei Luo (pp. 99-102)

Chapter 22: Ragab M. Mahani (pp. 103-105)

Chapter 23: Hiroyuki Oyanagi (pp. 107-110)

Chapter 24: Alexander Panich (pp. 111-115)

Chapter 25: Konstantin Popov (pp. 117-212)

Chapter 26: Jorge Quintanilla (pp. 123-126)

Chapter 27: Asok K. Ray (pp. 127-163)

Chapter 28: A.S.Shalabi (pp. 165-168)

Chapter 29: Nathalie Olivi-Tran (pp. 169-171)

Chapter 30: Aditya M. Vora (pp. 173-191)

Chapter 31: Kunihiko Yamaji (pp. 193-194)

Chapter 32: Arkady Zhukov (pp. 195-207)


Chapter 33: Flux Pinning and AC loss Studies on YBCO Coated Conductors (pp. 211)

Chapter 34: General Theory of Superconductivity (pp. 213)

Chapter 35: Improvement of Vortex Pinning in MgB2 (pp. 215)

Chapter 36: Magnetism and Superconductivity in Low-Dimensional Systems: Utilization in Future Applications (pp. 217-218)

Chapter 37: Superconducting Intercalated Graphite (pp. 219-220)

Chapter 38: Unconventional Electromagnetics in Carbonaceous Materials (pp. 221-222)

Chapter 39: The Hierarchic Theory of Liquids and Solids: Computerized Applications for Ice, Water and Biosystems (pp. 223-224)

Chapter 40: Phase Transitions Induced by Short Laser Pulses (pp. 225)

Chapter 41: Exchange Biased and Plain Superconducting-Ferromagnetic Layered Hybrids and their Possible Applications (pp. 227-228)

Chapter 42: Transport Phenomena Due to Structural Inhomogeneity in Superconducting Curates Doped with Cations (pp. 229-230)

Chapter 43: Effects of Particle Irradiation on Metallic MgB2 Superconductor (pp. 231)

Chapter 44: The Development of Nanoparticles Doping in Melt-Processed Gd123 Superconductors (pp. 233)

Chapter 45: Coherent Oscillations in Superconducting Cold Fermi Atoms and their Applications (pp. 235)

Chapter 46: A New Approach to the Electron State in Transition Metal Oxides: Covalent ó and ð Bonding between Ions and Two Types of Electrons (pp. 237)

Chapter 47: Vortex Theory of Inhomogeneous Superconductors (pp. 239)

Chapter 48: Synthesis, Structure, Superconducting and Magnetic Properties of RUSR2LNCU2O8-ä and RUSR2(LN,CE)2CU2O10-ä: Structural Aspects (pp. 241)

Chapter 49: High Tc Superconducting Fibers Processed by Conventional and Electrical Assisted Laser Floating Zone (pp. 243-244)

Chapter 50: Spin Glass Behavior on Ruthenocuprates (pp. 245)

Chapter 51: Role of the Vortex Solid Topology in a First-Order Liquid-Solid Phase Transition (pp. 247-248)

Chapter 52: Growth Kinetics of YB:YAL3(BO3)4 and NDAL3(BO3)4 Epitaxial Layers (pp. 249)

Chapter 53: Fluctuation and Gauge Effects on the Critical Behavior of Superconductors (pp. 251)

Chapter 54: EEM: The Exciton Enhancement Mechanism Theory and Experimental Evidence of Optically Enhanced Tc in High Tc Superconductors (pp. 253)

Chapter 55: Spontaneously Broken Symmetry and Inhomogeneous Superconducting States in Ferromagnet/Superconductor Nanostructures (pp. 255-256)

Chapter 56: DDW Order and its Role in Cuprates (pp. 257-258)

Chapter 57: Model of Superconductivity in the Singular Fermi Liquid (pp. 259-260)

Chapter 58: Formation of Structurally Disorderer YBCO under Mild Conditions by the Use of Chemically Activated Reagents (pp. 261)

Chapter 59: Nanoscale Investigations on Melt-Textured and Single-Crystalline (Nd,Eu,Gd)Ba2Cu3OX (“NEG”) High-Tc Superconductors (pp. 263)

Chapter 60: Recent Advances of NMR and NQR Studies of YBA2CU3O7−
and YBA2CU4O8 (pp. 265-266)

Chapter 61: Application of Bulk Superconductors to Synchrotron Radiation Sources (pp. 267-268)

Chapter 62: SQUID Based on YBCO Thin Film for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Materials (pp. 269-270)

Chapter 63: New Applications for Pinning Effect (pp. 271)

Chapter 64: Processing of High-Performance RE-BA-CU-O Bulk Superconductors (pp. 273)

Chapter 65: The Effect of Deformation Temperature on the Microstructure and Texture in YBA2CU3O7-X Ceramics Processed by Torsion under Pressure (pp. 275-

Chapter 66: Embedding Nanoparticles as Flux Pinning Sites into Melt-Textured YBCO Bulks – An EBSD Study (pp. 277)

Chapter 67: Comparative Study of Statistics of Cooper’s Electron Pairs in Low-Temperature Superconductors and Coupled Holes pairs in High Tc Ceramics (pp. 279-280)

Chapter 68: Superconductivity in Highly Correlated Systems (pp. 281)

Chapter 69: Plasmon Exchange Model for Superconductivity in Carbon Nanotubes (pp. 283)

Chapter 70: Thermodynamic Properties of Point Node Superconductors: Borocarbides (pp. 285)

Chapter 71: Compelling Evidence for High-Temperature Superconductivity in Carbon Nanotubes (pp. 287)

Chapter 72: Magnetism and Superconductivity in Quark Matter (pp. 289)

Chapter 73: Superconductivity and Magnetism in RUR2-XCEXSR2CU2O10-Ä (R=EU AND GD) (pp. 291)

Chapter 74: Applications of Extended Critical State Model to High Tc Superconductors (pp. 293)

Chapter 75: Spontaneous Vortex Phase, Pinning and Transport in Hetergeneous Ferromagnetic-Superconducting Systems (pp. 295)

Chapter 76: Scanning SQUID Magnetic Imaging for Nondestructive Evaluation: From Micron-Scale Research to Practical Large-Scale Application (pp. 297)

Chapter 77: Chemical and Macroscopic Physical Properties of the Sodium Cobalt Oxyhydrate Superconductor (pp. 299)

Chapter 78: Fabrication and Transport Property of Directionally Solidified RE123 (pp. 301-302)

Chapter 79: A Molecular Dynamics Description of Clusters in Strong Fields (pp. 303)
Chapter 80: Extended Universality in a Statistical Mechanical Model (pp. 305)

Chapter 81: Metal-Insulator Phenomena in 2D: A Unified Scaling Picture (pp. 307)

Chapter 82: Phase Transitions and Hysteresis in a System of Two Coupled Magnetic Nanoparticles (pp. 309)

Chapter 83: Recent Advances in the Electronic and Vibrational Studies of Carbon Nanotubes using Fullerenes as Local Probes (pp. 311)

Chapter 84: Effect of Apical Oxygen Ordering on Tc of Cuprate Superconductors (pp. 313)

Chapter 85: Geometric Effects and Magnetic Phases in Quantum Rings (pp. 315-316)

Chapter 86: Dynamical Simulation of Nuclear “Pasta”: Soft Condensed Matter in Dense Stars (pp. 317)

Chapter 87: The Dynamics of Polymers in Solution with Hydrodynamic Memory (pp. 319-320)

Chapter 88: Formation of Molecules and Entangled Atomic Pairs from Atomic BEC due to Feshbach Resonance (pp. 321)

Chapter 89: Amphiphilic Fluids: Mesoscopic Modelling and Computer Simulations (pp. 323

Chapter 90: Discrete Breathers in Protein Secondary Structure (pp. 325)

Chapter 91: Organic-Inorganic Layered Hybrid Materials (pp. 327)

Chapter 92: Shaping Protein Folding Dynamics with Native State’s Geometry (pp. 329)

Chapter 93: Dynamics of Semirigid Rod Polymers from Experimental Studies (pp. 331-332)
Chapter 94: Soft Polymeric Composites for Electro-Mechanical Applications: Predicting and Designing their Properties by Numerical Simulations (pp. 333-334)

Chapter 95: Elasticities and Stabilities: Lipid Membranes vs. Cell Membranes (pp. 335)

Chapter 96: On the Quantum Nature of Vortex (pp. 337)

Chapter 97: Critical Currents and Vortex Dynamics in Percolative Superconductors Containing Fractal Clusters of a Normal Phase (pp. 339-340)

Chapter 98: Applications of Confined Quantum Field Theory to Condensed Matter Systems: Superconducting Phase Transitions in Films, Wires and Grains (pp. 341)

Chapter 99: Combined Effects of Disorder and Magnetic Field in Superconductors (pp. 343)

Chapter 100: Room Temperature Radiofrequency Electrodynamic Properties of Bulk Lanthanum Manganites (pp. 345)

Chapter 101: Current Instability Investigations of Conduction-Cooled High Temperature Superconducting Composites (pp. 347-348)

Chapter 102: Radiation Shielding Schemes and Advanced Fabrication Techniques for Superconducting Magnets (pp. 349-350)

Chapter 103: Understanding Kinks in Quasi-Particle Energy Dispersion in Photoemission Spectra of High Temperature Superconductors Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ via Dipolon Mediated Electron-Electron Pairing Mechanism (pp. 351-352)

Chapter 104: Analytical Model of Thermal Stresses and Analytical Fracture Mechanics in YBaCuO Superconductor (pp. 353-354)

Chapter 105: Superconducting Fluctuations above Tc in Overdoped BI2SR2CACU2O8+ä (pp. 355)

Chapter 106: Vortex Energy Conditions in Type-II Superconductors: Gibbs-London Approach vs Ginzburg-Landau Theory (pp. 357)

Chapter 107: Progress in Fabrication Techniques for Small-Capacitance Josephson Junctions (pp. 359)

Chapter 108: On the Quantum Nature of Vortex (pp. 361)

Chapter 109: Electric Noise and Local Photon-Induced Nonequilibirum States in a Current-Carrying Nanostructured Superconductors (pp. 363-364)

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