Story-Thinking: Cultural Meditations


Authors: Kuang-ming Wu (University of Denver, Denver, CO, USA)
Series: World Philosophy

Story-thinking is direct actuality-thinking; actuality is active and alive, never set or formal but free and reasonable. Actuality is things as they are alive, actively actualizing themselves, birthing unceasing. They sound forth to resound, vibrate to inter-vibrate, tell to retell it, to reveal-R to express-E it. This “R to E” is not logically inferential, free of inferential error. Such R-to-E process dialogically transmits across an instant as “story-thinking.” Story-thinking primordially hears of actuality to story-express it. Thus, actuality sounds itself—tells its story—to a sensitive hearer who retells the story-actual in her own resonance, and her vibration is “storytelling.” Actuality tells and is heard, and storytelling comes about. Story-thinking begins at storytelling to continue storytelling, this way.

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Table of Contents

Prelude: Life as Story and Storytelling;pp. 1-11

I. Storytelling;pp. 13-58

a. Where from Storytelling

b. The Christian Scandal of Historical Particularity

c. Storytelling as Telling Where a Story is Born

d. How Storytelling

e. Story as Oral, as Told

f. Why Storytelling Works Wonders

g. Meta-Storytelling

II. History;pp. 59-86

a. Translation, Transposition, Storytelling

b. Our Forefathers

c. History of Ideas and Storytelling

d History the Human Drama of Reenactment

e History of Politics

f. History and the I Ching Make No Mistakes

g. History, Numbers/Mathematics, Cultures

III. Science;pp. 87-111

a. How to Manage Things Happening Without Rhyme or Reason

b. Emotion Psychology as a Science

c. Every Event has Three Stories

d. Existence as Threefold Meaning

e. Agriculture in Technology in Japan

f. On Idleness

g. Science and Myth making

IV. Inter-culture, Relativism;pp. 113-174

a. Concrete Creativity as Realizing, Storytelling as Cosmos-“Systematic”

b. The Spirit of Systems and The Systematic Spirit

c. Contra Ricoeur

d. Circles, Cultures, Stories

f. Relativism and Storytelling

g. Relativism as Storytelling

h. China Written in English—Threefold Impact Toward Inter-culture

i. Storytelling in China and in the West

V. Milieu;pp. 175-191

a. Dawn, Kids, Story

b. Kids’ Logic, Our Logic, Storytelling Logic

c. Time-Thinking, Space-Thinking

d. Storytelling Rhymes with the Situation, our Milieu

e. Kids, Dawn, Milieu

f. Self-ed and Self-less Milieus

VI. Pain;pp. 193-231

a. Frame-Breaking

b. Struggles in Real Life

c. Pain and Evil

d. What Goodness/Rightness Means

e. Pleasure-Pain Involvement

f. A Fig Tree, Job, and Chuang Tzu: To Suffer and to Enjoy

g. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

h. The Bible as Stories of Loving the Enemy

i. Contra Capital Punishment

j. Glorious “Futile” Charity Boulders

k. Ethics that is Global, Pluralistic, and Ecological

l. Pain, Buddhism, Christianity

VII. Akrasia, Interpersonal and Personal;pp. 233-266

a. Violence as Weakness—In China and Beyond

b. Devotion and Fanaticism

c. Two Stories of Akrasia

d. On Suffering Pain Creatively

VIII. Selflessness, Silence;pp. 267-290

a. Self-Less Storytelling

b. The Story of “Nothing”

c. Double Negatives, Double Affirmatives, Storytelling

d. Telling Without Telling, Hearing Without Hearing—Silence at Work

IX. From Oneself to the Music Together;pp. 291-349

a. My Body, My Self

b. The Importance of Being Oneself

c. My Autobiography “My Philosophy”

d. Autobiography in General—Storytelling of the Self

e. Heresy and Democracy

f. How to Read Stories

g. Beauty Supreme

h. Universals the Music of Things

i. Music, Poetry, System

j. Silence as Music

Conclusion: 351-444

a. Music and Storytelling

b. Coda: China Hermeneutics

c. Sleep, the Tao of Self-ing

d. Chinese Philosophy and Story-Thinking

e. Outside Looking-In: a Review of Starr’s Understanding China

f. Dr. Wu’s Inter-Subjective Psychology (Ruth Chao), Wu’s Response

g. Rorty, China, and World Relativism

h. Various Ponds Alive

i. “Chinese Body Thinking”: World Interculture of Dr. Kuang-ming Wu by Zhang Zailin

j. Taiwan the Gem of the World


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