Sterilization and Disinfection by Plasma: Sterilization Mechanisms, Biological and Medical Applications


Akikazu Sakudo (Editor)
University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan

Hideharu Shintani (Editor)
Chuo Universtiy, Tokyo, Japan

BISAC: MED038000

With the increased importance of hospital administration and continuous emergence of new infectious pathogens, particular attention should be paid to avoid iatrogenic diseases by minimizing the contamination of medical instruments with infectious pathogens and toxins. It is well known that one of the most effective ways to prevent hospital-acquired infection is to implement a sterilization and disinfection system that includes physical and chemical inactivation methods. This new book presents information on the current status and future perspectives of a state-of-art physical technique, gas plasma sterilization. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Preface and Introduction pp.1-2

1.1 Preface: Akikazu Sakudo pp.3-6

1.2 Introduction: Hideharu Shintani

2. General Information to Sterilization, Disinfection and Inactivation

2.1 Definition of Sterilization, Disinfection, Decontamination, and Antisepsis: Hideharu Shintani and Gerald McDonnell pp.7-18

2.2 Inactivation of Endotoxin by Low-Pressure Plasma: Kaoru Tamazawa pp.19-32

2.3 Inactivation of Microorganisms (Spore Type and Vegetative Cells) and the Mechanism by Gas Plasma: Hideharu Shintani and Gerald McDonnell pp.33-48

2.4 Inactivation of Viruses: Akikazu Sakudo, Takashi Onodera, and Yasuharu Tanaka pp.49-60

2.5 Inactivation of Prions: Gerald McDonnell and Emmanuel Comoy pp.61-74

2.6 Influence of Activated Species to Biological Materials of Microorganism: Toru Yamaguchi pp.75-98

3. Gas Plasma Sterilization, Disinfection and Inactivation pp.99-110

3.1 Current and Future Perspectives of Gas Plasma for Decontamination: Gerald McDonnell pp.111-122

3.2 Plasma Sources for Plasma Sterilization: Tatsuru Shirafuji pp.123-138

3.3 Sterilization and Disinfection by N2 and O2 Gas Plasmas: Masaaki Nagatsu pp.139-148

3.4 Sterilization and Disinfection by O2 Gas Plasma: Nobuya Hayashi and Yoshihito Yagyu pp.149-156

3.5 Disinfection of Fungi by Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma: Takayuki Ohta, Masafumi Ito, and Masaru Hori pp.157-184

3.6 Destruction of Bio-Particles by Atmospheric Discharge Plasma-Experimental Approach for Destruction Mechanism: Hachiro Yasuda and Akira Mizuno pp.185-214

3.7 Plasma Sterilization at Normal Atmospheric Pressure – Comparison of Working Gas and Organic Loading Effect in Medical Applications: Tetsuya Akitsu, Siti Khadijah Binti Zaaba, Kenji Ban, Keisuke Onishi, Hiroshi Ohkawa, Keiko Katayama-Hirayama, Masao Tsuji, Naohiro Shimizu, Yuichirou Imanishi, and Masuhiro Kogoma pp.215-222

3.8 Utility and Availability of Plasma Exposure in Healthcare Facilities: Toshinobu Horii pp.223-228

3.9 Several Points to Consider when Conducting Plasma Experiments: Hideharu Shintani and Gerald McDonnell pp.229-238

Index pp.229-239

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