Sociophysics: Cosmos and Chaos in Nature and Culture


Paris Arnopoulos
Concordia University

New trans-disciplinary studies have been appearing not only in such established areas as biochemistry or social psychology; there are presently emerging inter-scientific fields such as sociobiology, econophysics and last but not least sociophysics. The latter is a renewed attempt to combine the latest natural and social science theories and come up with significant generalizations for both. Using the powerful physics metaphor as an inertial guidance system, sociophysics emphasizes the underlying similarities between all systems. This new scientific hybrid is raising much controversy as well as revealing great promise; for this reason, it has been chosen to provide the core and focus for this book.

The holistic scope of this book makes it an appropriate reference work in many courses, such as: Global Ecology; Evolutionary Biology; Macroeconomics; Sociological Theory; Philosophy of Social Science; Theoretical Physics; Thermodynamics; Macro-history; Behavioral Science; General Systems Theory; and Interdisciplinary Studies.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Thematic Outline

Table of Diagrams


Synoptic Table




Part One – Statics (pp. 1-3)

Chapter 1 – Matter (pp. 5-19)

Chapter 2 – Energy (pp. 21-37)

Chapter 3 – Life (pp. 39-63)

Part Two – Dynamics (pp. 65-68)

Chapter 4 – Change (pp. 69-85)

Chapter 5 – Entropy (pp. 87-101)

Chapter 6 – Syntropy (pp. 103-129)

Part Three – Dialectics (pp. 131-133)

Chapter 7 – Causality (pp. 135-153)

Chapter 8 – History (pp. 155-175)

Chapter 9 – Humanity (pp. 177-204)

Chapter 10 – Conclusion (205-225)

Epilogue (pp. 227-230)

Bibliography (pp. 231-250)

Biographical Sketch of Paris Arnopoulos (p. 251)

Index (pp. 253-257)

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