Social Science Tools for Coastal Management: Considerations, Insight, Strategies


Eve P. Cuocco (Editor)

Series: Coastal and Oceanic Landforms, Development and Management
BISAC: NAT045050

Public attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs can strongly influence coastal management decision-making. Officials use surveys and other social science tools to identify the relationship between a community and its natural resources. Managing coastal resources often means making hard decisions about the best way to use those resources, especially when there are competing demands. Although there is no simple way to do this, economic methods can help coastal resource managers make better-informed decisions about managing the resource.

This book provides insight into the various types and methods of survey research and discusses some of the most important considerations; offers a guide to the most common techniques; provides information about how economics can be applied to coastal resource management; provides some simple strategies for facilitators leading a participatory mapping process; introduces key elements and practices that will increase the success of a focus group effort; explains the role of a facilitator; describes how to plan and execute meetings that deliver results; discusses powerful photorealistic visualization; introduces key concepts surrounding visualization; and briefly describes a process for planning for an internally or externally conducted evaluation of a project or program. (Imprint: Nova)




Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Survey Design and Delivery (pp. 1-18)
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Chapter 2 – Introduction to Stakeholder Participation (pp. 19-32)
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Chapter 3 – Introduction to Economics for Coastal Managers (pp. 33-50)
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Chapter 4 – Stakeholder Engagement Strategies for Participatory Mapping (pp. 51-66)
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Chapter 5 – Introduction to Conducting Focus Groups (pp. 67-78)
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Chapter 6 – Introduction to Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings (pp. 79-100)
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Chapter 7 – Using Photorealistic Visualizations (pp. 101-114)
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Chapter 8 – Planning for Meaningful Evaluation (pp. 115-128)
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